Case Studies: Real Solutions. Real People.

Below are brief case studies outlining the “Challenge” and the “Solution” we provided our clients.

As you can imagine, many people we work with prefer to remain anonymous and we respect that so names and circumstances have been changed for anonymity.

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Cynthia in a coaching session with client

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Case Study: Trickle Down Performance Problem

CHALLENGE Trickle down performance problem starting at the top, VP, Director, Manager, Front line staff. Consistent low performance in the department as noted by the …

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Case Study: No Pipeline. Turnover. Poor Quality.

CHALLENGE “I am afraid to find out what my emotional intelligence is.” Unaware of his impact on faculty and department heads, there was communication breakdown …

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Case Study: CNO First 100 Days

Challenge  Organization in transition. Conflict and confusion within departments. Need for decisiveness. Worried about stepping on people’s toes. Solution Assessments, Executive coachingEQi 2.0: Emotional Intelligence …

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Case Study: Priorities and Planning

Challenge Trouble setting priorities and planning across multiple outpatient clinics. Each of her managers had their own system.  Solution 100 Day roadmap, standardized management  As …

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Case Study: Employee Turnover

Challenge: Turnover. Employee turnover increased to 28%, up from 18%. This churn created many problems including quality of care issues, decrease in billable hours and a …

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Case Study: Simplify Work

Challenge: A team in a medium sized business was tasked with implementing a new sales approach to stop the customer turnover. In order to have …

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Case Study: How a Manager Created a Culture of Gratitude

Case Study: New manager (who we will call Zak) developed a powerful way to connect his staff using gratitude. Background: This manager recognized signs of …

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