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Innovation Labs

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Leading and working in the digital age requires innovative and creative thinking. The skills required are different from that of daily operations. We specialize in problem-solving and innovative thinking using lean sigma and team dynamics.

Leadership Coaching

Executives, Directors and Managers benefit from leadership coaching. While the needs are different at each level, they each go from good to great, from having a coach. There is a 7:1 ROI for leadership coaching. We have 1:1 and group coaching to boost performance.

Emotional Agility

Uncertainty and disruption are part of today’s working environment; leaders need to have the skills to handle the external demands and their internal distractions. Our approach increases skills in resilience and emotional intelligence in your leaders.

Work Smart Club Network

The Work Smart Club & Network is our online subscription library with live events and virtual coaching in the network. We include private breakout rooms so you can have a dynamic training and coaching arena.

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How We Can Help You

Improve Outcomes & Results

One of the problems we hear most often has to do with sluggish results and not having the buy-in from team members. This happens because of communication breakdown and workflow issues.

We use a systems approach and will help you build a high-reliability system that has feedback loops built in to ensure progress is being made with relevant, timely information is getting to the right people. 

We incorporate the very best tools from lean six sigma like Kaizen events, Value Stream mapping (among others) with our own blended events like the Innovation Lab, and Change Management mapping to ensure the necessary communication required to ensure success. 

online leadership training

Build Your Leadership Pipeline

Unless you have a plan in place to develop your people, it is difficult to move people into leadership roles without increasing their risk of failure. Leadership turnover adds to the chaos in the workplace, destroys morale, and slows down your momentum. 

We help you define your leadership competencies, specific to your needs now, rather than using outdated standards. We set up a plan to identify and cultivate these skills while creating a funnel for your leadership brand. We use the leading assessments for leadership along with coaching and team development.

The ROI for our plan is 5:1 and keeps the flow of talent moving  within your organization.

Online Leadership Training

Without training in skills like prioritization, decision making, planning, strategic execution, goals, dealing with conflict, and other management skills, many leaders struggle to get their work done. As demands have accelerated so has the need to learn. We understand.

We have an library of management skills training along with an online network (not a Facebook group!) where your leadership can access the tools on demand. We can set up your own private network so those within your department can network and learn.

This is a facilitated group providing answers to questions you cannot just google!

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