Don't Go Back To Normal.

Go Forward. Be Your Best.

We help you work smart and build agile, resilient leaders, teams and culture.

Consistent results. Energized people.

Let’s activate your resilience & energize your results!

How do you stay energized …

when the world around you is spinning? Living and working in the Digital Age presents new challenges.

Solving for these challenges requires a different way of thinking. 

Managing change and disruption require a different set of skills than managing day to day operations. To effectively manage the transition between day to day operations and the accelerated demands requires a system and a strategy.

We understand and invite you to learn to work smart. 


“Passion and purpose are crushed, by the relentless demands and the accelerated pace  of daily operations. Resilience is the antidote to this pressure. Develop your capacity. Learn to work smart.

– Dr. Cynthia Howard, Chief Energy Officer | Work Smart Consulting

Work Smart Consulting provides an innovative approach to leadership development & performance using a proven 3 step formula.


We begin with a Bill of Health to establish a baseline. We use the best leadership assessments available as we move forward.


We develop your leaders, so they will develop their team. Coaching ensures the transformation is more than skin deep.


Teams need to communicate, manage differences and focus. We work with you, and together, build high performing teams. 

How to get started? Schedule a complimentary strategy session. Click the link below. We will speak to your specific challenge. Every client is unique, and we work with you, to set up a customized plan to achieve your goals.  

Learn to Bounce. Plan to Adapt. Be Prepared.

Working smart requires resilience. Resilience represents the capacity of you, your team and your department.

Are you ready for the next challenge or disruption? Are you agile, responsive and invested in building your resilience capability?

We have defined three main domains, when optimized, position your organization to handle disruption:

  • Leadership
  • Readiness
  • Relationships 

We work with you to develop the system your team needs to be agile, resilient and capable. Working together, we move you along further and faster than you can achieve by working alone.

100 Days to an Energized Resilient Culture

100 Day Roadmap is a powerful guide to solving problems, developing leaders and teams for consistent execution & results, that exceed your expectations. All in 100 days.

From Stuck to Forward Focused
I could not get anything to stick. Executive coaching helped me devise my strategic plan.
Camilla K. CNO
Innovation Lab |100 Day Map
"We were not meeting our benchmarks and using the Innovation Lab, our team learned how to solve problems and, at the end of 45 days, we had improved.
Annie P., Nurse Manager
Game Changer
"Working with Dr. Howard was a game changer. I was behind and could not keep up. She helped me shift my mindset and come up with a plan.
Stephanie P. Director of Marketing