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The Work Smart Club

designed to advance the success of individual leaders and teams with tools and resources to leverage their leadership.

Learn and apply skills when you need them.

Access a private network for your teams

Advance skill levels, achieve your goals. Move ahead faster.

Stay informed. Get your questions answered. Live Q & A, events.

Ownership. Accountability for growth.

Most people start out with passion and purpose. This passion can dull with every day hassles and the daily grind. We have an on demand library and network for your teams to learn, ask questions, and grow professionally. Learning new skills and expanding roles is exciting and motivating. We started the Work Smart Club and Network to provide a learning space that is accessible and easy to access. We coach, teach and help you facilitate high performance.

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of employees are experiencing stress. This is the highest level for US. Staff need resources to find their balance.

Gallup, 2021, State of Workplace.

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of employees are actively looking for another job. Most are not prepared to seek out quality opportunities.

Gallup & Forbes2018

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of productivity variance is within the manager's control. Managers do not receive the type of training needed to manage people and process.

Gallup2020, Q12

Access the Resources. Anytime.

Turn your digital devices into a learning hub. Personalized learning resources, organized by the user or the teams, so individuals can focus on their most immediate needs. No more wasting time, searching on google for answers. We have On-the-Go training, networking, live events, courses, checklists, conversations, virtual coaching, all with a busy professional in mind. 

The Work Smart Club

With a Work Smart Club membership, you and your team will get immediate access to this subscription library. 

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Managing stress, building resilience, problem solving, lean sigma tools, managing change, delegating, holding great meetings, mindfulness and so much more! Provide your team with amazing content and a netowrk for questions so they can apply the information.

Get ahead. Solve a big or a small problem. Go forward.
Learn. Grow. Flourish.