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The Work Smart Club Network is your resource center for all things leadership. We have premium content and provide virtual and group coaching to support your leaders development. We customize the groups and the content to suit you.

Too Busy for Training & Development?

We understand in the age of accelerated change, it is necessary to accelerate learning.  

The online library of resources is available 24/7 and includes content on some of the most requested topics for leadership development.

We can set up teams within your organization and provide incentives to access content as well as groups that address specific work challenges. You get expert coaching & targeted supervision on your team’s development so you achieve goals more consistently.

Learning and development in the digital age needs to be as agile and flexible as your workflow demands.


Work Smart: Capacity

Leaders Burnout in 18 months

Turnover robs companies of talent and momentum. The ripple effect on the rest of the workforce is real. We support your leaders with resources so they can flourish. Fresh content is added monthly and includes:
Work Smart: Time

You CAnnot Get More Time

Time is the ONLY resource we cannot get more of, and yet, time is wasted every day. We increase the value of time by providing short, on-the-go training consumable in under 15 minutes to keep your teams engaged.

Our facilitated groups helps your teams achieve their goals in record time.

Work Smart: Focus

Distraction is Deadly

We live and work in the digital age. It is the age of distraction. What is not so well known, yet, are the dangers of distraction. Increased irritability, forgetfulness, loss of focus and concentration chews up time and energy so instead of focusing on what is most important, you focus on the false urgency. Instead of moving ahead you end up spinning your wheels.  

Information flow and the demands of change have accelerated which means we have to accelerate how we learn.

Accelerate Learning with the WORK SMART CLUB & NETWORK.


The Work Smart Club is a digital library with content on leadership topics like delegating, organizing, setting goals, dealing with change, problem solving, using lean sigma tools AND content on resilience, mindfulness and living a better life.


These resources are for your leaders and staff. We can set up portals and groups so your teams can problem solve, collaborate and learn.  


Our library is online with audio video, pdf courses and short on-the-go training. Our networking space is a private online and available 24/7. We will organize groups to accommodate your strategic goals and objectives. 

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