Work Smart Assessment

Being an effective leader starts with self-awareness.

With the pace of change faster than most can keep up, leaders need skills that help them adapt and be flexible, without over or under reacting to what is happening in the environment. Effective leaders recognize that their time and energy is a resource they do not want to squander.

The assessment is divided into the five sections representing the gears that power the “work smart” high performance engine. Scroll down to access the questions, once complete you will be directed to your score with an explanation. Do not overthink it! 25 questions total.

Work Smart - Capacity, Curiosity, Clarity, Purpose, Agility

For automatic scoring, complete the self-assessment by clicking on the number that best reflects where you are with each statement. Once complete you will see your scores along with an explanation of what they mean.

Answer the questions based on the 1 to 10 scale. Ten (10) represents “All the Time,” meaning you consistently demonstrate the statement. One (1) represents “Not at All.” Think about how consistently you demonstrate each statement. Answer based on where you are today, in your current environment.


Summary of the Five Principles:


Capacity is like your battery; when you are fully charged, you are unstoppable. Capacity is the recognition that your energy is what fuels your effectiveness.



Clarity is influence; when you know exactly what needs to be done, you are halfway to accomplishing your goal. Be specific, concise, and direct.


Curiosity keeps you from being stuck; asking questions and wondering how it might be done better is how you keep learning and growing.


Agility is your flexibility over your internal experiences. It is an awareness of self and the world at large, freeing up  focus for action and not reaction. 



Purpose is when you know what to do and why. It is your vision and the shared agreement and commitment with both you and your team. 


Download Chapter 2 in my book, worksmart. This chapter has an overview of each of the five gears of the work smart mindset.