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Tap into your potential, access proven tools and hone the skills you need to handle change, stress, and challenges.

Balance your life and seize control of your future.

Power Up your career with Coaching, resources, courses, tools available 24/7

In a typical work-day, do you encounter….

To solve these problems and take control of your future, you need specific skill-sets, unfortunately they are not normally taught. You need flexibility, problem solving, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

We’ll teach you all that and more—and we’ll help you put it into practice.

Here’s what you can look forward to as a member of Work Smart:

Monthly Office Hours

We have monthly ” Office Hours,” live group coaching and time for individual questions. The support is very personalized and a great VALUE!

Private Facebook Group

You have access to a private Facebook group with additional interaction and training. This group is facilitated. With reward points and our monthly “Special” you have access to assessments and other bonuses.

A Library of Resources

We have a library of resources, available 24/7, with on-the-go training, workbooks, templates, exercises, checklists … and so much more.

Be the leader who makes a BOLD impact!
Here are a few of the courses available online.

Our online resource center has over 100+ tools, templates, checklists, video, audio in a variety of topics that will help you develop your leadership, impact and effectiveness, problem solving, resilience and emotional agility.

Courses include tools in lean six sigma, confidence, motivation, mindset, Kanban, setting goals, assertiveness, delegating, holding effective meetings and so much more! Below is a sampling of the courses.

We can set up courses specific to your teams needs or provide full access for you and your teams.

Sticky Goals

Setting Goals That Stick

More than 94% do not set goals they achieve! Our course takes you through proven processes to set goals that work.

Setting Sticky Goals

10 Modules. Workbook,
Templates & Certificate.


Toolkit: Productivity

Do you struggle with priorities, planning, getting everything done? This toolkit has tips and strategies, checklists, and resources to help you be more productive.

Toolkit: Productivity

8 modules. Templates,
Checklists & Certificate


Toolkit: Assertiveness

Do you feel invisible? Have trouble speaking up? We have a toolkit giving you what you need to step up and stand out.

Toolkit: Assertiveness

Learn the art of standing up
5 modules. Workbook
& Certificate.

Delegate with Impact

Delegate with Impact

You cannot do it all and be effective. Learn what and to whom you can successfully delegate.

Delegate with Impact

Our Delegate Toolkit
prepares you with checklists,
worksheets & training.
10 modules. Workbook
Audio, Video

New courses and tools are added weekly. Topics include change management, lean sigma tools, stress management, emotional intelligence, team building, problem solving, getting more done (productivity), agility, resilience and much more!

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