Will Emotional Intelligence Sustain Your Well-being?

emotional intelligence
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Emotional Intelligence or EQ is the ability to identify, regulate and manage your emotions while also being able to tune into others’ emotions to ensure one achieves their goals.  Having a high EQ can greatly enhance your ability to sustain feelings of well-being.

Intelligence or IQ on the other hand is a hard concept to define. Even researchers do not agree as to what IQ really measures and what the differences in the scores really mean. 

 IQ does not predict success. 

What is being discovered is that motivation in taking the test may account for higher scores. Motivation falls within the realm of emotional intelligence. EI has been found to predict success 80% of the time! As the saying goes, it is not what you know but what you do with what you know! The good news is that you can develop and enhance your emotional intelligence (EI) while IQ tends to be a fixed measurement.

As the leader, managing your emotions and keeping other people in check with reassurance, decisiveness, direction and guidance (possible when your EI is active) so you achieve your desired results, is what makes leaders credible and trustworthy.  

The leader personally benefits from having a strong emotional intelligence because EI is a buffer against stress. It breaks the vicious cycle. Chronic stress can leave you vulnerable to your emotions. The longer stress continues without a plan to interrupt this primitive survival reaction, the more destructive emotional patterns play out personally and professionally.

Think about what happens when you are under pressure and you ignore your own warning signs. How do you respond? Are you more likely to stop the habits that are sustaining progress and carrying you toward success?

Keep in mind, unchecked stress changes your perception of reality. This can have a snowball effect leading to more chaos and drama.

Begin developing your emotional intelligence by increasing your self awareness; it is a cornerstone of EI. Making your wellbeing your priority is sure fire way to combat the consequences of stress. Building your emotional intelligence will sustain your wellbeing.

You cannot simply wish away stress or your reaction to it. Building your emotional intelligence is a gift you give to yourself that will continue to give back rewards in both business and personal relationships. As you connect with your core and tune into your own needs, triggers and preferences you will expand your ability to get along with others. It is amazing when you exercise self-care, you care more about others!

As you pursue your wellbeing, make the development of your emotional intelligence a priority, it is the foundation for healthy choices and success.

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