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We start by focusing on purpose, by asking, “What does this team need in order to achieve its goals?”

When a group of people come together with a unified purpose, they begin to form a team. We help your team focus on its most important mission.  In today’s world, we have seen an increasing number of teams work remotely from home across a range of functions. This challenges the team function and can splinter your responsibilities and ownership setting your team up for unnecessary conflict or malaise, a lack of fire to achieve something spectacular. The end result is status quo or worse, error prone results, lost time and wasted opportunity.

Whether it is a virtual or in house team, we will help you build high performing teams.

However, when it comes to team building, there are elements that are necessary in order for people to work together, collaborate and achieve the performance levels that successful teams enjoy. Our team building strategies include lean six sigma tools to set up the foundational elements for consistent success.  

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High Performing TeamsHave a Unified Purposeand know how to work through their challenges.

Team Building Is More Than a Resolution

All of the workgroups and teams we train are different but all of them can boost performance using our training. Our lean sigma focus on performance is applied to set up the structure for optimal communication and results. 

You’ll notice we use the words like impact, purpose and consistency because that is what your team should deliver. Time is the only resource you cannot get more of, and you cannot afford to waste time and opportunity because of a poorly functioning team. 

6 Domains of IMPACT

Our assessment measures your team on the following domains. This provides an excellent starting place to build a conversation around where to start. And from this assessment we move into the strategies of high performance. The entire process is highly engaging bringing out the best in your people.


At Work Smart Consulting, we believe you do not want to “get back to normal,” but rather to get ahead and be better. This is the nature of resilience. And this is where we stand out from other agencies.

We unlock the potential in your people to get consistent results. We start with an assessment and from there set up a roadmap to move forward. We are results driven and people focused using our 3 step formula, ACT, assess, coach and train so that your team will have the skills and the application to keep growing.

Our process includes coaching leaders on how to continue to develop their teams for continued success. 

what Others Are Saying About the Training...

Marilee S.
Marilee S.Nurse Manager
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It was helpful to learn how to set up a Team Charter. I like having everything spelled out. This made our interactions easier because we all knew what was expected.
Lydia C.
Lydia C.Clinical Coordinator
Read More
The TPI assessment was easy to take and I liked that it was anonymous. We were able to talk about the important elements of why were were there and what we needed to do to be successful.

How it Works

Step 1: Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

We can talk about what you’re looking for with your team. We’ll give you some ideas about how we will customize our team based impact training to achieve your goals. 

Step 2: We Start with Assessments

We use the TPI: Team Performance Inventory to get an overview of how well your team is functioning within the 6 domains. 

It is a group assessment, allowing individuals to take this anonymously, and provides the foundation for the next steps. Based on the assessment and the feedback provided within this assessment we will know where to start with your team.  

Step 3: Develop Problem Solving & Communication Skills 

We move into strategy that includes developing a Team Charter, using an Innovation Lab to solve problems using lean six sigma as the foundational tools. As the teams works together, we “train” and develop high performance skills in your people that can be replicated in other situations for consistent results.

R.A.V.E.: TeamPerformance

High performing teams are not magic nor is it unattainable. It requires an intention and a strategy. We help you with both.

We all know that the workforce is more complex than ever with multi-generations and multi-cultures all participating, hoping to put their best forward. This makes “team development” exciting. And we have a process that works because it is goal driven and engaging.

We developed a 4 step model, RAVE, as a scorecard to measure how well your team was doing. Take a look and see how your team stacks up.  

R: Results

Does your team achieve consistent results? Do you have clearly defined goals? Are strategies in place and monitored?

A: Agility 

Is your team flexible and able to quickly adapt to new demands? Do you have clearly defined metrics and expectations?  This is where a Team Charter helps to provide the expectations and ground rules for team behavior and interaction. Did you know that structure increases one’s ability to be more flexible?

V: Vision

Is your team clear about its mission and vision? Does everyone understand their core purpose and are clear on the future state for which everyone is working toward?  Can each team member articulate this vision in their own words? Does it match?

Does the team coalesce around core values? Have you articulated these values?

E: Engaged

Is your team energized and interactive. Studies on team effectiveness out of MIT found that the single biggest indicator of a team’s performance was the energy between the team members. Were they engaged with each other or just going through the motions of work?


We use this model as a score card to help your team continue to monitor their effectiveness. And who doesn’t want RAVE reviews!

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Carrie B.Supervisor
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The team building experience was amazing. I learned so much and we actually were able to accomplish our goals. It helped to have clarity around our purpose.
Jen MaccaroneRN, MSN, Director
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This team building process really help pull my managers together. It established our goals and objectives and changed how we communicated to each other. It was powerful.
Kevin F. Director of Specialty Operations
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I was so frustrated because no one seemed to care about getting work done on time. This process was just what I needed. It provide the structure as well as the freedom to talk about how to work together. It was awesome.

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Work Smart Consulting is an innovative professional development company that works with leaders and teams using a 3 prong approach: Assessments, Coaching and Team Development. We integrate lean six sigma in the team building and coaching to transform inconsistent performance to high reliability performance.


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