We help you build high performing teams.

High Performing Teams

Teams are the heartbeat of organizations. And when the team does not come together and focus on solving problems, work stops, morale drops and opportunity is lost.

We understand how the accelerated pace of work can rob teams of their ability to solve problems. We create a space called the Innovation Lab and teach proven tools to solve problems and build their confidence in the process. This powerful team-building activity helps to set a higher standard and model high performance.

We use a variety of assessments as needed:

  • Team Performance
  • Conflict Style
  • Creativity Factor

Team members have access to online training, premium resources available on demand, on topics like lean six sigma, resilience, confidence, delegating and so many other skills leaders need to have a bold impact. We call it the Work Smart Club.

Work Smart Think Different™

This is what we call our team development process. We combine the power of lean six sigma tools with your strategy, goals and targets to build a roadmap for consistent performance.

Using an engaging process we unlock the creativity within your people and show them how to “think outside the box.” We take your team through a process that will change how they think about work. Let’s talk about transforming your team!

Assessments to Power up Your Team's Performance

Team Performance Inventory

Team Performance Inventory

Getting your team to work better together can be a challenge. We use the Impact model for High Performing Teams to bring teams into that zone of high performance. We combine this with tools from lean six sigma to build highly effective strategies and processes for consistent results. This assessment and training is a powerhouse in bringing the concepts of team to life. It measures your team on 6 dimensions, illustrated in the model. 
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me2 Creativity Factor Profile

me2 Creativity Factor Profile

Utilizing the world’s most advanced assessment and development tool for creative thinking, we unlock your team’s problem-solving strengths. We customize a strategy for development.

1. Diagnoses 12 factors of creativity in 4 dimensions: Idea generation, Personality, Motivation and Confidence
2. Simplifies the creative process and provides knowledge and confidence, necessary to think and act more innovatively
3. Improved flexibility in the midst of challenging work situations; improved job performance.

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