Are Retreats Worth It?

Executive teams and leaders ask two important questions every year:

Are annual retreats worth it?

How do we make ours count?

Did you know:

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Be objective as you answer the questions. It takes you through the criteria that help to make your retreat successful. Answer each statement using the 1 to 10 scale. 1 means the statement is not true at all and 10 means it is consistently true.

Common Mistakes in Setting Up Your Retreat

Poor Planning

Not enough time devoted to proper planning of the retreat. There are "before, during and after" preparations needed.

Lack of Clarity

Lack of clarity and purpose regarding the retreat and its impact on daily work. Many leaders assume people will make the connection between their work and strategic goals.

Unrealistic Goals

If the purpose is unclear, so too will the actual goal of the retreat. everyone needs to understand what the deliverable is, the desired outcome, in order to engage.


Confusing activity with effectiveness. This is a problem personally as well as in your leaders. Inundated with information, it is challenging to focus.

One and Done

Seeing the retreat as an event vs part of a longer-term strategic objective. The retreat needs to be part of an strategic initiative that will bridge strategy with execution.

Analysis Paralysis

Reluctance to take action. It is important to commit to take action once you prepare and plan, in order to fulfill your objectives and maintain momentum.

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5 Part Solution For a Successful Retreat

In almost all cases there is a failure to bridge what we call the Strategy Execution Gap.  Failures typically are due to issues with planning, alignment and execution.

What is the secret to getting consistent results from your retreats year over year? Check out the 5 steps below.

Group Workers around a table

Lead an Initiative

Plan and prepare for the retreat as a part of a larger objective.

Go for Impact

To make an impact, you have to plan at every level of the organization.

Stability vs Change

Are your leaders prepared to handle the tension between status quo and change?

Get Help

Deciding you can do this yourself leads to many of the issues we discussed.

Team Development

When you plan and prepare you develop your team in the process.

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