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Do you need a reset?

Has life been disrupted?

Anxious, worried, can’t focus?

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Who Needs a Reset in Life Work & Business?

We live in a world that has been disrupted at every level of our lives. From simple everyday needs to big things like work, worship, family and business. There is an overload of fear and uncertainty.

And it can seem like too much at times.

The first step in dealing with high levels of uncertainty is to control what you can control and let go of the rest. We can control how we think and what we feel. Activating the skills within resilience can help you reset this disruption so you can do more than get through this – you can grow through it!

Think of resilience like the capacity in your battery. When you have a full cell phone charge you can access all the apps and the full range of your phone. This is also true with us – when we have greater capacity, we can handle whatever comes up.

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Life has been disrupted for most of us. We have a choice to go down with it or to activate our resilience. I invite you to join us as we offer hope, healing, tools, strategies and a road map to restoring connection, grit, optimism, energy and heart to life, work and business.

Dr. Cynthia Howard – CEO, Chief Energy Officer, Ei Leadership

What is Resilience and Ready: Hit the Reset

Most of us have never experienced anything like this. Unfortunately, this experience can trigger past experiences, intensifying what is happening right now. According to Dr. Cynthia Howard, resilience is the most important set of skills that has never formally been taught. Because stress is a word that means something different to everyone, and is used for anything in our life that does not go well, it becomes difficult to manage. But resilience is something we control, and can activate, when you have the tools.

And the Resilient and Ready: Hit the Reset will give you tools, share the science and teach you how, from the comfort of your home.

Our Focus

Explore and uncover what it means to be resilient

Educate on the power of emotions, mindset, and the impact on our body

Encourage mindfulness with how we communicate to others

Provide tools to activate resilience for positive change and transformation

Share hope and healing through awareness and connection with our higher selves

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5 Levels Scoring Guide Cover

5 Levels Resilience Pyramid 7 Scoring Guide

Take the assessment and find where you stand on the 5 levels of the Resilience Pyramid. You will also get tips on how to support each level for greater balance and satisfaction in your life.

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