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Building Resilience

Most successful businesses have plans in place to weather storms, such as the recent coronavirus pandemic. They don’t want to lose revenue due to unexpected challenges. So, they have a business continuity plan in place. Maybe they call it DP (Disaster Preparedness) or have other internal acronyms for the procedures they’ll follow if challenges arise. 

Alongside business continuity planning, resilience training  is what ensures companies of any size, in any sector, can beat the unexpected challenges they face. Increased resilience in the workplace is correlated with higher job satisfaction.

So, it makes sense that leadership and team resilience leads to organizational resilience.

Resilience Training | Shine Under Pressure Strong, resilient businessesare led by strong, resilient leaders. 

Resilience is a Set of Skills You Learn

Resilience is comprised of many factors, including:

  • Energy
  • Optimism
  • Awareness
  • Grit
  • Heart 
  • Agility

At Work Smart, we know that almost all professionals are working under tight deadlines with looming pressure, even when not in the midst of a crisis. One metaphor to use, maybe, is that the right type of pressure turns coal into diamonds.

The pressure that motivates us to do our best without stress and is carefully controlled and calibrated is very different from the pressure that crushes our spirits and causes difficulties.

Strong, resilient businesses are led by strong, resilient leaders. 

Resilience is a set of skills you can learn. In fact, the more aware you are of your internal drivers of resilience – the stronger you will be.

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How it Works


We will talk about your goals and what you’re looking for with your team. We customize our science-based resilience training and want to ensure you can more value than expected. 


We have assessments for individuals, teams and organizations to measure your resilience.

One assessment we like to use for leaders in our resilience training is the Hardiness Resilience Gauge (HRG) Assessment. It measures 3 domains of resilience and will teach you how key qualities that you possess can enhance or undermine your resilience and adaptability across a range of circumstances. 

Throughout the report, you will be given developmental strategies aimed at improving and maintaining these key qualities, ultimately providing you with a deeper understanding of how you can strengthen your skills and behavior.

For team and department resilience we evaluate your readiness and agility and use lean six sigma strategies to power up performance and build strong teams.


Our thorough training, assessment, and the coaching provided will help your team develop the skills they need to manage the challenges that show up.  

Understanding Resilient Qualities

None of us are at our best when we’re stressed out, tired, unengaged, or feel overwhelmed by challenges and pressure at work. Resilience training has a positive impact on the workplace by ensuring that leaders have greater internal capacity, energy and awareness with the skills they need to be more agile, optimistic and open to handling difficulty. 

“No company, big or small, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.”
Jack Welsh, Former CEO GE

When a business has resilience, it means your employees have a greater capacity to handle day-to-day stressors, accelerated business change, creative problem solving with the commitment to get their jobs done. Having the capacity to extend themselves, leaders are able to collaborate with others building strong networks of influence.

Resilient leaders have greater satisfaction on and off the job, are available to their teams supporting healthy work culture, have more influence, and they’re able to challenge their staff in ways that develop and improve their performance.


We're Ready To Teach You

If you’re ready to power up your leadership team with resilience training, we’re ready to teach you. It is our mission at Work Smart Consulting to unlock potential through focused and intentional work.

We help you think differently about work and leadership, saving time, energy, and resources. We have over two decades of experience helping executives and teams breakthrough mediocrity.

Stop settling for getting by, when you can consistently achieve success. 

To work smart means you have an intentional, goal-directed effort that optimizes value.

Using strategies in lean six sigma, coaching, and optimized team building, we help you handle uncertainty, manage your energy, and more.

Work Smart helps you make the best use of your time and avoid re-work and waste. Most people enjoy work when they make progress. Working smart with increased resilience, boosts your progress by focusing on areas that ensure your engine (strategy execution) is moving ahead at full steam.

Our Clients Always Recommend Us

“Dr. Howard is the real deal. I took this course on resilience because I was experiencing health problems. There was so much going on at work, the pressure was affecting me physically and mentally. I did not want to lose my potential. In such a short time, I learned that my reaction was optional! Fantastic tools. Easy to apply. I wish I learned about this years ago.” – Stephanie Petta, Director of Marketing, HCA Healthcare

In a typical work-day, do you encounter:

  • Conflicts you don’t know how to solve?
  • A team that isn’t performing?
  • Deadlines you can’t meet?
  • A coworker you keep butting heads with?
  • Doubts about your ability to lead?
  • Long hours and stress that’s destroying your personal life?

To solve these problems and take control of your future, you need specific skill-sets. Unfortunately, they are not normally taught. We can teach them —and we’ll help you put them into practice.


Resilience Training Could Change Everything

We help you build behavior, mental habits, and business practices that promote resilience in your leaders and culture. Don't lose any more time or momentum.

Jenn S.Director
Read More
The resilience training opened me up to parts of myself I had shut down. I was dreading work so often, I did not realize how this impacted every other area of my life.
Betsy M.RN, MSN
Read More
This course helped me understand that the stress reaction is optional. I did not realize how much energy I was wasting feeling annoyed and frustrated.
Maurci ZadaiTeam Leader
Read More
I used to ignore stress knowing I could not change any of it. I thought I could recover on the weekend. I now have tools I can use and tihs has changed my outlook.

Your Executive Coach & Performance Expert

Cynthia Howard RN, PhD, LSSBB

Dr. Cynthia Howard has worked with top-performing leaders, professionals, and business owners from all over the country. With an open mind, laser focus and expertise of two decades, Cynthia recognizes each leader is filled with purpose and potential, and it is her job to unlock that potential. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock potential in leaders through focused and intentional effort.  

Work Smart Consulting is an innovative professional development company that works with leaders and teams using a 3 prong approach: Assessments, Coaching and Team Development. We integrate lean six sigma in the team building and coaching to transform inconsistent performance to high reliability performance.


  • Pioneer of the resilient mindset
  • FAIS: Fellow, American Institute of Stress (AIS)
  • Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma
  • Certified Trainer Institute of Heartmath
  • Developed the Resilience Pyramid
  • Founder Work Smart Club
  • Author, Work Smart Principle, Everyday Emotional Intelligence

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