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Based on your responses, you are feeling resilient most of the time and are managing your energy, mood and mindset!

Think about what works for you to keep up your energy and do more of it! Stress impacts mood, energy and mindset. When you protect your energy levels you can also protect your mood and mindset.

Check out the resource below.

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Check Out the Energy Audit

Managing your energy is key to maintaining resilience. Make energy one of your personal KPI’s, (key performance indicators) and you will have a barometer for important areas of your life:

  • energy levels
  • workload
  • relationships
  • physical stamina
  • need for balance

This “Energy Audit” will increase your awareness of changing energy levels throughout the day, in order to become more healthy and productive, personally and professionally.

Use the Audit to track your energy levels. Instructions are on the audit.


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