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Are You a Perfectionist?

This struggle with perfectionism is directly related to self-doubt and a lack of boundaries. It means never knowing when enough is enough, never knowing when you’ve reached your full capacity. If you’re always striving to “be the best you can be,” you need to make sure you recognize what your best looks like.

Healthy self-acceptance starts with self-awareness and confidence. You must face your fear of criticism, fear of inadequacy, fear of failure, and fear of making critical decisions. All these fears hold you back from actually being your best, and overcoming them will require you to set aside your perfectionism and replace it with a more well-rounded mindset.

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Use a 1 to 10 scale. Choose 1 is this is rarely true. Choose 10 is this statement is consistently true for you.

1. I have to be right.
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The higher your score the more you struggle with perfectionism. We know the strain this can have on relationships and on your work life. 

We understand and have developed mini courses and toolkits to help people, just like you, who struggle with confidence and perfectionism. Check out the special offer below.

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Dr. Cynthia Howard

Dr. Cynthia Howard has worked with thousands of leaders, professionals and business owners and recognized the unique challenges leaders have in managing, inspiring, and engaging their teams while maintaining their boundaries, passion and reason they chose to lead.

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