[Quiz] Team Check-in – Team Accountability

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Understanding Teams: What Makes a Team Effective?

Acceleration and complexity are two forces that compete for the leader’s attention and capacity. To stay on top of the demands, team accountability and purpose are the antidote to get more done. A high performing team can accomplish more collectively, than the same number of people working individually. A cohesive team is a vital core element of the workplace.

To clarify, not all groups of people working together are actually teams. Many leaders think that by bringing people together they will “learn” to work together as a team; unfortunately, this is a myth. Another myth is that a group of people working together needs to become a team to accomplish their goals.

What is the definition of a team?

A team can be defined as a small group of people who are unified around a purpose, engage in quality and meaningful interactions, have a mutually agreed upon goal, a way to achieve that goal and accountability in the process.

A team’s defining characteristics include:

  • Shared purpose
  • Common goal
  • Accountability to each other and the process
  • Share meaningful interactions
  • There is a healthy balance between working independently and together.

Let’s assume that you have decided a “team” is the best approach to achieve your goal. 

Evaluate how well your team works together using the quiz below.

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