[Quiz] Do You Delegate?

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When you know how to effectively delegate you will be seen as a leader with impact. This demonstrates your interest in developing your staff. Delegation is a win-win, for you, as a leader, and for the person to whom you are giving additional responsibility.  

Second, the individual to whom you are delegating understands they are being groomed for more responsibility. You increase your capacity as you develop others in the process.

Third, you are ultimately responsible for the outcomes of projects, so taking the time to evaluate the jobs needing to be done, and individuals who can do those jobs, will help your team reach deadlines and produce quality work.

Learning to delegate will raise your value as a leader and is essential to be considered for promotions. Take the quiz and see where you stand!

Take the Quiz!

Don’t overthink it! You will receive tips and strategies once you submit your answers.

We know how important it is to delegate effectively and how challenging it is to do so. In the Delegation Toolkit you you will be taken through a process, step by step, so you can delegate effectively and confidently! Click the image for details.

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Do you delegate? Take the Quiz

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