Achieve Your Strategic Objectives Faster!

Most businesses set up their plan but do not follow through because of the demands of day-to-day busyness. They lose track of what's working and what is not. Success requires a roadmap. We've got you covered! Our assessment will help you stay on track so you achieve your goals faster and keep your leaders focused.

Too Distracted to Evaluate Progress?

The Work Smart Organizational Health Assessment (WSOHA) will help you improve communication and productivity at any stage of your process. Every business benefits from having an evaluation of their progress.

Our assessment gives you a deep look into the operational processes that keep your business running while helping your leadership teams execute more consistently.

The basic business practices consistent of identifying where you want to be  and setting up a plan to get there. Visions, goals objectives and key targeted results are touchpoints along the path. We help you build a continuous flow of relevant information to navigate that roadway. Performance needs to be managed daily, weekly, and monthly – not just at the beginning and end of a quarter.

Make Progress. Fulfill Your Purpose.

Work Smart: Increase Value-Added

Stay on Track

Are you focused on your goals or the most urgent (but not important) thing? Staying focused is impossible with a strategy and the right tools to get there. Our assessment will help you in the following ways:
Work Smart: Focus

Value Time

Time is the ONLY resource we cannot get more of, and yet, time is wasted every day. The rapid demands and changes required in day-to-day activities can take your eyes off the plan. Our assessment process helps align your leaders with what is most important saving time from missed opportunities and rework due to distraction. We help you align strategic goals as  the way to day to day activities.   

Work Smart: Decrease Waste

The Right Goals

Are you working on the right problems? Too often the solutions are beautifully designed and they fall flat because they missed the target. The Work Smart Org. Assessment helps you target the right goals as well as stick to them  for the best results.

The Work Smart Org Assessment

Is a continuous approach to Performance management that shifts leaders' effectiveness'


Information flow and the daily demands of change have sped up which means we have to accelerate how we learn. The Work Smart Organizational Health Assessment (WSOHA) helps you plan and prioritize so you meet your goals more consistently.


Without standardized processes, people can deviate so much that the original target gets lost. Researchers find that over 90% of people working at the company do not know how their contribution impacts the bottom line. We help you design processes that work.


How do you review, track, measure your progress? Does everyone in your company understand how they contribute to the overall big picture? Are you monitoring and measuring the right metrics and in a timely manner. Is this process routinely done? The WSOHA helps you answer these questions.

Stop Wasting Time & Energy

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