New Manager Training

Your Roadmap for Impactful Leadership: Premium Self Paced Courses, Live Events & Coaching Clinic.

Increase Your Effectiveness

Managers are NOT born; they LEARN and grow into effective and powerful leaders. 

With training in foundational skills like setting goals, delegating, organizing among others, managers can build an authentic confidence. It is this confidence that encourages you to take more risks. And this is what stretches you beyond your comfort zone so you can be an impactful leader.

New Manager Training is Your Buffer Against Stress, Pressure & Blind spots. Lead with impact!

Being an Excellent Manager Can Be Learned

Congratulations on your promotion! Now it is time to make the transition to manager from front line staff. 

The process of becoming a leader requires a strategy. Your natural instincts and your strengths will do a great deal to build your authentic presence, but, managers also need to learn essential skills and develop an understanding about what your job really is.

In our New Manager Training you will:

  • Develop an authentic confidence in your new role.
  • Improve your organization, communication and clarity around your role. 
  • Develop your people skills.
  • Increase self awareness and situational awareness to execute your responsibilities consistently and on target. 

What You Will Gain


Caroline Vetter
Caroline VetterNurse Manager
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Being a part of this group has been a game changer. I am not as nervous about taking on this responsibility. Being relaxed helps me with my team.
Ayssa Lopez
Ayssa LopezNew Manager, Tech Company
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I asked to be promoted and was so scared about blowing it! Being a part of this group has helped me so much!

What's Included

Complete Training and Coaching
  • We customize to meet your managers where they are.
  • Access to a library of On-Demand Courses in the Work Smart Club Library.(Value $495 per person)
  • Access to an exclusive network with live events, Q&A, additional resources (Value is PRICELESS!) Having coaching and individualized support is the secret to powerful training options.
  • 25+ checklists and resources to power up your manager's organization and delegation.
  • Course Library includes Goal Setting, Delegating, Planning, Assertive Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Confidence and more. check FAQ for details. (Value is CONVENIENCE and saving time by having training and resources easily accessible and available 24/7.)
  • Physical Copy of the Work Smart Club Journal & Pen. (Value $20)
  • Physical Copy of the 52 Week Perpetual Planner along with Course on Power Planning. (Value $99)
  • Bonus: Strong leaders. Prepared. Confident.
Great Value

Authentic Confidence is the "It Factor" ...

that powers up your leadership brand. Knowing how to respond under pressure, communicate clearly and organize are all skills influential leaders need. Take the New Manager Training ...

Your Executive Coach & Performance Expert

Dr. Cynthia Howard | Emotional Intelligence Expert 

Dr. Cynthia Howard has worked with top-performing leaders, professionals, and business owners from all over the country. She approaches each case with an open mind and zero preconceived notions to better recognize her individual clients’ unique challenges in managing, inspiring, and engaging their teams.  Conducting New Manager Training is a great honor and she seeks to bring out individual’s potential and promise!  


  • Pioneer of the resilient mindset
  • FAIS: Fellow, American Institute of Stress (AIS)
  • Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma
  • Certified Trainer Institute of Heartmath
  • Developed the Resilience Pyramid
  • Founder Work Smart Club
  • Author, The Work Smart Principle, Everyday Emotional Intelligence

Our Mission

We are a performance coaching company that unlocks potential in the workplace through innovative leadership & performance measures, creating a culture of excellence.


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