Mindful Leader

The Mindful Leader

1Take the Quiz. Are you on autopilot?
2Download the Interruption Log. Keep this for 2 weeks.

Are you going through your day on autopilot?

Mindfulness helps you focus and get more done. In this course you will learn what mindfulness is and how to practice it along with tips and strategies to build this power habit.

Take the quiz below and see how distracted you are. Answer the questions using the 1 to 10 scale. 1 is never having this experience and 10 is you consistently experience this.

My mind easily wanders. I feel distracted most of the time.
Correct! Incorrect. Next >1/15 I easily get irritated when I am distracted.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >2/15 I am oblivious to what others are feeling. I do not notice their reactions.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >3/15 I have to ask people to repeat what they are saying because it is hard to pay attention.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >4/15 I am usually judging something as good or bad, right or wrong.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >5/15 I find it difficult to describe situations and what is happening.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >6/15 I find it difficult to stay focused on what’s happening in the present moment.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >7/15 I am distracted by my emotional reactions. I think my emotions are bad and I should not be feeling them.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >8/15 I do not pay attention to how the sun, wind, air temperature feels on my skin.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >9/15 I rush through activities to get to the end without being attentive to what I am doing.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >10/15 I notice my emotions but cannot name what I am feeling.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >11/15 I eat fast and do not tune in to when I am full or satisfied.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >12/15 I go through the motions and do most of my work on autopilot.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >13/15 I can get caught off guard and overreact.
Correct! Incorrect. < PreviousNext >14/15 I do not notice the smell, texture and color in foods and my environment.
Correct! Incorrect. < Previous15/15
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Manage Your Interruptions

Download the Interruption Log

This is a log to help you tune into those distractions that de-rail your day. You may find that you interrupt yourself. Often when that happens you may need to take a break. When overloaded you may steal a break by going to the internet or scrolling in social media; this has the reverse impact, it dulls your mind and doesn’t relax it.  We have tips and strategies coming up!

Research shows that even a 15 second distraction can cost you 20 minutes in concentration. It pays to set up an environment that minimizes distractions and interruptions.

Interruption Log

100 Day Road Map

Down this incremental 100 day worksheet; it has the program mapped out and is customizable. It is a fillable PDF, when you open the file you can replace and customize text. It prints out 11 x 17.

Start with understanding your interruptions and learning to identify those you can control and those you cannot. Feel free to change the timeline and the activities to suit you.

Using a written plan increases the likelihood of being successful 84%!   Be sure to enter in the dates in the top row. Then revise the ‘Desired Outcome’ to suit you.

Download 100 Day Map

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