[Webinar] Managing Uncertainty

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How should leaders manage in times of uncertainty?

In this one hour webinar you will learn the steps you can take to manage uncertainty.

We are hardwired to react when life becomes uncertain. Our nervous system is designed for survival and when anything threatens that, the primitive reaction takes over decreasing your effectiveness – unless you have developed strategies to manage the uncertainty.

Research has shown that as information becomes scarce, decisions tend to be more irrational. And this can make everything more intense and even chaotic. To lead in a crisis, it is important to increase your awareness of how you react and then to build on your situational awareness to understand what is happening to your team and the environment in which you work.

This webinar will give you a solid understanding and road map to manage uncertainty, whether it is this current one, or other less disruptive situations.

In this webinar we will explore:
• Dimensions of uncertainty and how these impact your leadership strategy
• 5 steps leaders need to manage uncertainty
• How to get your team’s attention when fear has taken over
• How to keep your mind focused (and fearless) despite the unknowns 

Documents Mentioned in the Webinar:

Change Readiness Assessment: See how ready you and your team are for change.


Change Management Map: Use this map to help you plan for your changes. It is a fillable pdf.


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Dr. Cynthia Howard

Executive Coach  Performance Consultant  LSSBB

It takes resilience and agility to stay focused in these disruptive times. We want to help you get ahead of the challenges in this digital age with short practical tips. Go forward. Be your best

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