Coaching Plan for Leadership Teams

Imagine Your Leaders Achieving Consistent Success

Great leaders have a strategy and a development plan to achieve the influence and impact that make them the leaders people love to follow.

We specialize in unlocking potential, and building resilient, agile and strong leaders who will consistently achieve their goals.

The LEAD SMART CLUB offers assessments, coaching and training to unlock the potential in your leadership teams using a proven process. 

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Stay One Step Ahead

Why the Lead Smart Club is Right for Your Leaders

Great leaders have coaching.

In the LEAD SMART CLUB we bring your leadership teams together to work on current challenges, develop new skills, and unlock their strengths. 

We specialize in leadership development and have seen leaders make amazing progress  through self-discovery via assessments, coaching and training. This translates into effectiveness, increased consistency in outcomes, lower turnover (people leave managers not jobs) and greater confidence. And this means a strong leadership brand for your organization. 

The Lead Smart Club takes expert coaching and adds online training, personalized assessments and a power network of other leaders all focused on the same agenda – success. 

The Lead Smart Club helps your teams: FocusBe Accountable • Advance Their Goals

The Right Combination of Resources

What To Expect From the Club

The bottom line – your leaders will achieve their goals and be better at executing strategy. They develop confidence in their roles. This commitment of time and investment into your leadership pipeline will pay you dividends with better results, lower turnover and improved metrics. Your leaders will be happier and you will have peace of mind knowing you have provided the best, solution focused leadership training and development.

Expect more success & happier people as a result! 

Expert Coaching

Laser focused coaching provides direction, strategy, and just enough pushing.


We provide the best assessments for skill development & self-awareness.

Group Experience

The group experience increases learning & problem solving. Feedback is priceless.

Online Training & Lean Sigma Tools

Download resources, training, templates & checklists to get more done.

Who Is This For?

This Lead Smart Club is great for any group that is charged with executing strategic objectives and cascading those objectives throughout workgroups.  This process is very goal driven and will help your leadership team accomplish mission critical objectives while also developing their skills in communication, conflict management, emotional intelligence, problem solving and much more.

High Performance Is Not An Accident

At Work Smart Consulting, we understand what leaders and teams need to consistently perform well. We use the 5 point inventory as part of our formula for teams, leaders and organizations. By addressing the 5 key ingredients we are able to unlock potential and power in your leadership.

Leadership development not only fortifies your individual leaders, it also builds a leadership brand for your organization that promotes your strategic agenda as you attract new talent and keep the pipeline of leadership potential filled.

Click below. Let’s talk about building your leadership team!

What’s Included


12 Month Plan (Customizable)
  • Leadership assessments included. (Value $1995)
  • Group Monthly Session with Dr. Cynthia Howard, 90'-2 hours. (Value $1800)
  • Lead Smart Toolkit, Work Smart Club, online resources. (Value $795, pp.)
  • Books, workbooks, card decks. Physical copies. (Value $199 pp)
  • Problem solving skills in lean six sigma. (Value priceless)
  • Exclusive network for small groups, live discussion and Q&A. (Value priceless)

How to Get Started

3 Steps to Your Future Success

The Lead Smart Club is successful because of your commitment, focus, the accountability that is inherent in the process. 


Make the Commitment

A commitment is a binding pledge. With this 12 month commitment to coaching, self-discovery and growth, your team will move further ahead, your confidence will soar, and you will have a more competent leadership team capable of consistently achieving outcomes. 


Be Coachable

Research shows that those willing to take action within 24 hours have the most success. Coach-ability is the willingness to learn times the willingness to act.


Expect Success

You get what you expect. We know what is possible when you have a team cheering for you and supporting you as you hold expectations for your success.

Turnover costs money, morale and momentum.

It is time to move your leadership team ahead. The longer you wait to develop your leadership team, you miss the opportunity to build a better and stronger group of leaders. Invest in your leadership!

Meet your Executive Coach

Dr. Cynthia Howard

Dr. Cynthia Howard wants to work with your leaders, through this Club, to help you advance your agenda and achieve consistent success. 

Executive Coach

Having worked with literally thousands of leaders and professionals, you have the benefit of this experience.

Beginning her career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse, Nurse Manager, and Director, Cynthia has built leadership pipelines, developed high performing teams, and helped leaders develop their authentic leadership brand.

Advanced degrees in psychology, researching stress & change. Specialty  is resilient leadership & breaking through barriers.

Dr. Cynthia Howard

Executive Coach | Performance Expert

Performance Expert

Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and experience planning and managing change gives you the benefit of problem solving skills not usually available to leaders, in this format.

In our 1:1, group sessions, you will bring your specific challenges and come away with innovative ideas and a roadmap that will achieve your outcomes while helping you look like a genius! 

You have the benefit of tremendous expertise and the synergy from group members to solve performance issues along with premium online training.

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