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Process Driven Model for Leadership

This plan provides a comprehensive process-driven approach to the daily management responsibilities of busy leaders. This program is interactive, self-paced, and organized into sections with tools that will build core competencies for leaders.


  • Managers with a year experience or more
  • Directors
  • Leadership Teams

100 Days: Lead Smart Club

We provide a foundation of core leadership topics with hands on coaching, live discussion, online courses, available 24/7, designed to support your leadership development.

Developing strong and effective leaders in today’s world of distraction and disruption is a challenge. We have seen the same struggles in leaders with inconsistency, increased stress and difficulty focusing. We identified gaps in skills and know-how and have put together 100 Days: Lead Smart Club.

As a result, we developed this plan to help the individual leader, or the organization’s leadership teams develop an effective and consistent presence.

Our 100 Day Plan provides:

  • Foundational courses
  • Coaching Clinic
  • Development Roadmap
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Setting Goals

  • What is an effective goal? How are goals related to execution?
  • What steps do I take to create a sticky goal?
  • How do I align my goals with the organizational strategy?

Setting goals that are consistently met sets you apart as an effective leader.

This is a game-changer for your career and will boost your confidence, making it easier to achieve your next goal.

Inside this Toolkit, you will learn 3 proven formulas for setting goals that really work along with the necessary steps to achieve those goals – for yourself, your team, and your company.

You will learn:

  • 5 reasons why goals do not work for most people – and what to do about each one.
  • 3 proven goal setting systems and when each one is best.
  • How to create a realistic 100-day action plan to carry goals out – backed by research.
  • Essential elements of successful goals that hold you and your team accountable.
  • Learn how to avoid the sabotage and self-defeating tendencies that de-rail successfully completing your goals.

Live Webinar, 60 minutes |On-Demand Course, 3 hours | Workbook & Templates

Strategy & Execution

  • What is a strategy? How is strategy related to goals?
  • What steps do I take to create a strategy for my department?
  • How do I align the organizational strategy with my department?

The primary objective of any strategy is success, however there is more to strategy than just winning.

The goal is to “win” at the lowest possible risk. This training will deepen your understanding of what it means to be a leader.

This course provides the fundamentals of strategy. You will have an overview framing strategic objectives and challenges.

This training provides a historical perspective of “strategic planning” over the past 50 years providing a fresh understanding for leaders on how their roles may have evolved. You will learn the ingredients of strategy and learn a formula you can use to set yours up.

You will answer the questions:
1. Where are you coming from?
2. How do you want to get there?
3. Where do you want to go?

In this training you will learn:

  • Strategic Guidelines
  • Strategic Intent
  • Execution Strategies

Live Webinar, 90 minutes |On-Demand Course, 4 Hours |Worksheets & Templates


  • Step-by-step approach to create amazing roadmaps.
  • Strategic aspects of planning a roadmap.
  • Operational activities that make a roadmap congruent and actionable.
  • Defining success, managing, and aligning stakeholders.

Build a great roadmap for your project/ initiative that outlines expectations, strategic objectives, and potential roadblocks.

A roadmap is a map that defines the process and gives everyone involved a bird’s eye view of what to expect. The map prepares the team for potential roadblocks and lays out the strengths and weaknesses so that preparation can be made for the blind spots and the weak areas.

We advocate for a 100 day map that defines the incremental changes (milestones) along the way. This prevents surprises at the end of the quarter and aligns all the stakeholders while laying out expectations.

In this course, we’ll explore the strategic aspects of planning a 100 day roadmap while outlining the operational activities that make a roadmap congruent and actionable.

In this training you will learn to:

  • Plan a roadmap.
  • Define success.
  • Managing and aligning stakeholders.
  • Manage conflict around priorities.
  • Use assessments to define potential and performance.

Live Webinar, 45 minutes | On Demand | 2 hours | Templates & Excel Template


  • Strategic look at prioritization.
  • Explore ‘Management by 3 P’s’ or Hoshin Planning.
  • Achieve your goals consistently, improve resource allocation and alignment with stakeholders.
  • Balance competing priorities.

Focus on what is most important and ensure that time, resources, and effort are aligned with the strategic goals.

Setting goals, determining priorities, and following through on what is most important makes up the biggest challenge leaders face. Unfortunately, they do not always see this problem because they are busy putting out fires and attending to urgent (but not always important) priorities.

Being able to prioritize is a core competency for leaders. This training outlines a proven process to prioritize and plan that will engage and align your team.

In this training you will learn:

  • Prioritization Foundations
  • 3 layers of a successful plan (principles, priorities & project)
  • Balancing Competing Priorities
  • How to set up your plan

Live Webinar, 90 minutes | On Demand, 4 hours | Worksheets

Change & Uncertainty

  • Learn the stages of successful change.
  • Map change and the potential roadblocks.
  • Learn the difference between change & transformation.
  • Learn why change efforts often fail and what to do instead.

Change and the uncertainty is part of this current time in which we live.

Managing change requires skills that are different from those skills required in daily operational management making it essential for leaders to get up to speed in managing change.

Change is handled differently by people because it taps into personal beliefs around change, and this increases raw emotion, fear, and tension in the workplace. Change pushes one beyond what is comfortable and if one lacks skills in flexibility there will be resistance. Leaders need to manage this process.

This training takes you through a thorough understanding of the change process. You will learn the stages of change, how to map the process while setting up your playbook to get you and your department through the change.

In the training you will learn:

  • A successful roadmap to get through change and out the other side.
  • To set up your playbook for successful change operation.

Live Webinar, 60 minutes | On Demand, 3 hours | Worksheets & Playbook

Team Building

  • A high performance team requires a strategy.
  • Teams are made not born. Get the tools to cultivate high performance.
  • Access team building strategies to engage and motivate.

Teams are the engine to high reliability and excellent performance.


Not all workgroups are teams. So how do you build a team?  

Glad you asked.

Simply, people unite around a shared purpose and thrive when expectations are clearly communicated. This training teaches how to set up charters for the team and the project, which clearly articulates expectations and what happens when things go off the rails. This planning equips leaders and the people on the team with clarity, purpose, and expectation.

The training includes modules on what makes teams effective, alignment, mindset, effectiveness, and communication. Team building activities, 14 unique activities in 3 categories: Wake up, Problem Solving and Idea Generation.

Coaching on handling your team’s challenges is part of the Coaching Clinics.

Live Coaching Clinics | On Demand 3 hours | Workbook & Exercises, Template

Coaching Clinic

The clinic is your online platform with live discussion and Q&A. Sessions are recorded and ongoing discussion on the platform is facilitated by our coaches. Participation in the discussions helps you apply the teaching and customize it to fit your specific situation.

The Lead Smart Club creates a breakthrough experience for your leaders by:

Providing a compelling, 100% remote experience, with personal and customized attention.

Spreading content over a period of weeks with 24/7 access.

Generating valuable tools for strategy, roadmap, and planning.

A safe, engaging space to ask questions, learn and network.

Sessions can include:

Learning Objectives

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