Resilience Is your Capacity.

Today, more than ever, resilience is ESSENTIAL! Don't wait until you are pressed before you develop the skills you need during times of challenge.

Ever Wonder How to Strengthen Your Resilience?

How do People Get to Be Resilient?

Resilience is a set of skills you can learn. In fact, the more aware you are of your internal drivers of resilience – the stronger you will be.

Resilience Training Tampa Fl

Resilience is comprised of many factors likeEnergy, Optimism, Awareness, Grit, Heart and Agility

Resilience Can Be Learned

Resilience is a blend of personal characteristics, experience and learned behaviors.

These components of resilience influence how you interpret the world and make sense of your experiences. And in turn, this determines how you react and respond to stressful and unexpected situations.

We believe leaders who activate their resilience are the most agile, prepared and responsive leaders. We have spent decades unlocking potential and preparing resilient leaders. We understand what it takes.

We use a proven formula to develop high performance teams and leaders. That formula includes assessments.  Taking assessments to learn about your strengths is a critical step to develop the self-awareness one needs to unlock potential.

One of our favorite assessments is the HRG Resilience Gauge.

The HRG assessment will give you a general indication of how resilient you are; how well you respond when faced with stressful circumstances.

Your score reflects how you process and respond to change, how strongly you believe you can control or influence outcomes, and your tendency to see your world and day-to-day activities as interesting, meaningful, and with purpose.

Each of these components facilitate a flexible, confident, and passionate approach to work and life, ensuring a resilient response to a range of stressful conditions.

Access this assessment today – right now.

What You Will Gain

what Others Are Saying About the Assessment...

Caroline V.
Caroline V.Nurse Manager
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It was helpful to learn more about my resilience. The assessment was very informative and the course took me through various scenarios so I could learn how to develop my skills.
Kristine Braughler
Kristine Braughler MBA, Regional Sales
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At some point in my job, I hit a wall. I did not like feeling so sluggish. I took this assessment and course and learned how to build on skills to get out from under that pressure. I enjoyed this process and learning about myself.

What is Included

Assessments are the first step to making changes!

  • Assessment used worldwide, measuring 3 dimensions of resilience (Value $199)
  • 9 page report outlining your scores and the strategies to strengthen your resilience.
  • 7 page workbook with worksheets. (Value $19)
  • 5 module course going into detail on the 3 subscales. (Value $95)
  • Bonus:
  • Private Network: Virtual coaching, Q & A and support. (priceless)
$425 $ 195
This is easily valued at over $400. Take advantage of this offer!
Once you purchase, you will be directed to the course. You will receive an email with your link to take the online assessment. Your results will arrive via email shortly after you take the assessment. It can take up to 24 hours. Most people receive it much sooner.
Great VAlue
Stephanie PettaDirector of Marketing
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Dr. Howard is the real deal. She knows what she is talking about.This changed how I thought about stress.
Kathi SerrieRN, MSN
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Take the course! I learned how to stop myself from over-reacting.
Leslie T.Director of Operations
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I was losing my hair, felt tired and was ready to quit my job. And then I took this course and worked with Dr. Howard. It saved my career.

Resilience is your capacity ...

2020 was a year of surprises and pressure. It taught us that to be prepared means being ready for the unknown. Resilience is the set of skills that helps you do that. This assessment is your first step to activating your resilience. INVEST IN YOU!

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