Executive Coaching Intensive

Its Time to

Do you secretly wish you could advance your leadership position, increase your influence and your income? Planning your career and that next promotion requires a strategy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a roadmap and a clear path to accelerating your promotion? We get it and have a proven approach to advancing your future…


Accelerate Your Future

Kiss the Confusion & Self-Doubt Around Your Next Promotion ‘Goodbye’

Did you know…

  • Leadership development is the TOP priority for 55% of CEOs.


  • 44% of leaders feel worn out and plan to move to a new company in order to advance their careers.

    Many leaders end up making a lateral move ‘just to get out’ of the stressful situation. You need clarity and confidence around your unique strengths to go for that promotion.

  • 77% of organizations report a leadership vacuum.

    Do you have a PLAN for YOUR PROMOTION?

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NOW is the TIME to GO FOR IT!

Leadership is a dynamic field and there is a DEEP NEED in most organizations for leaders ready and prepared to lead through change.  Are you distracted by everyone else’s needs at the expense of your future?

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Most leaders do not have the confidence and clarity around their unique strengths, so they do not step forward and go for the opportunity. And too many leaders do not recognize that having the right coach is the difference between success and being stalled.

Not taking action leaves you stuck with increasing doubt, confusion, and frustration.…

…all while trying to keep up with your day to day challenges.

We get it!

Dr. Cynthia Howard has been an executive coach for two decades and worked with scores of leaders moving them forward.

Being able to stop stress in its tracks will make me more productive and successful in my work, happier and more patient with my children, more relaxed and able to enjoy time with my husband. This experience was life changing.
Keira F
Critical Care RN
I am such a firm believer in coaching; they help you see blind spots and give insights. Cynthia is a fountain of knowledge and experiences who sees opportunities in unexpected corners. In less than two months, I started a new position because she stretched me to develop and implement achievable goals. She listens and really cares.... She is exactly what I needed when I needed it.
Amanda Milligan
Working with Dr. Howard changed my life. I was able to get the promotion and as a result of that I had an experience I never thought was possible – I went to NIH to work on a project. I know the confidence I gained as a result of the coaching made all the difference.
Lydia Corum
BSN, MSN, Wound Care Coordinator
Working with Dr. Howard boosted my leadership confidence. Learning about my strengths helped me recognize I was making a unique contribution. Coaching is an investment into me and with it I was able to go for that promotion.
Colette Foisey-Doll
RB, BSN, MSN, Director of Simulation


Executive Coaching Intensive

You will have all the resources you need to take that next step in your career. We help you set up your 3, 6, 9 and 12 month plan to accelerate your future.

  • 1:1 Coaching

    Dedicated time with Dr. Cynthia Howard to plan, strategize and build your leadership brand. Dr. howard has worked with thousands of people helping them breakthrough.

  • Assessments

    We use the world's leading assessments. You will learn about your natural leadership style, communication and conflict preferences along with your baseline for emotional intelligence.

  • Action Plan & Roadmap

    You will learn to use the 100 day roadmap and establish milestones, priorities and daily strategies to ensure you meet your targets. This approach helps you master execution - you will be known for getting it done!

  • On Demand Courses

    The Work Smart Club Library is filled with content waiting for you. Available 24/7 you have access to topics like assertiveness, confidence, optimism, setting goals, managing change and so much more.

  • Small Group

    To maximize your breakthrough we have a small group mastermind to provide additional support, accountability and coaching. Mastermind groups are known for their powerful ROI.

  • Resume Review

    Our career planner will review your resume and provide suggestions. We want your resume to accurately and boldly represent you.

  • Linkedin Bio Review

    We will help position you on the number one platform for careers and business - Linkedin. This includes ensuring you are found in searches and your bio stands out and highlights your best.

  • Online Platform

    You have an online platform, open 24/7 to post questions, network, and learn from others. We provide live events weekly, in addition to what is included in this intensive.


Why Executive Coaching Intensive Can Make THE Difference for You

illustration of a man working at his desk with a clock behind him
  • Short and long-term goal achievement with accountability and a PLAN

  • Assess your strengths, blind spots, and establish your unique value contributions. Eliminate the confusion that’s stifling your growth, have talking points that position you as a strong leader.

  • Get your personalized roadmap to accelerate your future career growth and restore clarity of purpose and passion to your leadership.

  • Get on track to INCREASING your income, (which increases your retirement potential) in the next 12 months… in short, break through.


This depends, in part, on your timeframe. Most people complete this in 6 months. There are 6 (1:1) coaching sessions so it is ideal to schedule one per month. You will have time between sessions for action items. In the meantime, our team is working on your resume, bio and helping you set up your job search spreadsheet.

You can spread this out to 9 month and even a year, however keep in mind, there is a momentum that you gain with a consistent pace.

You have access to the library of courses and the network for the full year.

We use the EQi 2.0, the world’s leading emotional intelligence assessment. This is an excellent tool with a 25 page report highlighting 16 dimensions of leadership. You have a deep look into your strengths, your natural leadership style and your blind spots.

You will learn how you work under pressure and what you can do to show up at your best.

We also provide the TKI: Conflict Assessment that describes 5 default styles of handling conflict and reveals your preferences. Understanding how to best handle conflict puts you far ahead of the competition and makes you a highly desirable leader.

Both assessments have workbooks and courses associated with each, helping you get the most from your report.

You have 6 sessions with Dr. Cynthia Howard, Executive Coach. She has worked with thousands of individuals, helping them achieve more than they thought possible. She is committed to your success and is very laser focused on your goals.

Her clients love their sessions. If you want additional sessions they are available and as a member of the Work Smart Community you have priority and  special rate.

In addition to the above resources and support, you will also receive a beautiful journal, a fun coffee cup, 100 Day Roadmap poster for your wall and a physical copy of a workbook to record your journey to your next level.


We have an online platform set up with spaces and groups to offer discussion, live Coaching Clinics and Q&A. All your notifications occur in the network reducing your email inbox clutter, and you have access to additional content outside of the library. The Network is our discussion platform.

Dr. Cynthia Howard has:

  • worked with hundreds of leaders and executives and understands the challenges you face.
  • been a “Coach’s Coach,” meaning she works with other coaches, including PhD’s, MSW’s to be their best. This expert experience is now yours.
  • been a manager and Director in large organizations as well as owning her own business for over 20 years, rebranding and managing virtual teams.
  • personally gone through major transitions and grown from them.
  • written books and online programs on leadership, mindset and performance.

Dr. Cynthia Howard [RN PHD LSSBB]

  • Pioneer of the Resilient Mindset
  • Developed the Resilience Pyramid
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Black Belt Lean Sigma

This means she understands top performance and can help you get there.

The WSC library is filled with courses, checklists and resources you can use right now to support high performance leadership. The courses include the Confidence Toolkit, assertiveness, optimism, productivity, The Stress Course, complete Kanban toolkit, Kaizen events, problem solving and other lean tools among other courses. We have videos, workbooks, checklists and many ways you can consume content.

You have a subscription to the full library for the year and can access everything 24/7.

YES! We can help you fine tune your goals by helping you understand your strengths, passion and those aspects of work that are fulfilling to you. Understanding you makes setting up your career path very powerful.

We are so proud to report that clients advance in ways they might not predict because they develop their authentic confidence. This increases their “brand presence” and makes them compelling leaders.

The small group is set up like a mastermind group. Masterminds are historically powerful because of the accountability built in and the synergy between members in the group.

In other words, everyone learns from everyone else. This small group experience offers an opportunity to share experiences, celebrate, and also grow from those not so successful experiences. 

The groups meet monthly. The dates/ times are determined as groups form. The group is held in a zoom meeting and all the recordings are in a private space in our online platform. You have the chance to ask questions and continue to dialogue with group members.


This combination of resources that includes one-on-one coaching & assessments can easily sell for $7,000-$10,000 with Dr. Howard’s experience and it would be worth it to increase your earning potential – right?

After all, what’s the value of expanding your opportunity and earning potential while clarifying your ideal life?

Though it’s worth it, the good news is you won’t pay $7,000 or $10,000 for the EXECUTIVE COACHING INTENSIVE!

We are providing a NEW YEAR special offer for the one-on-one, EXECUTIVE COACHING INTENSIVE for just…

Limited-Time Offer: $2,895

Dr. Howard only works with a small number of individuals every month. This special offer is LIMITED. Be sure to sign up and be the next person on the list. There is a short questionnaire. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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