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52 Week Work Smart Planner

Access your Untapped Potential

Distraction steals time, kills momentum and drains one’s energy. The spiral bound, 8.5 x 11, Work Smart Planner solves this problem with a fast and effective system to set priorities while also managing your personal needs. We help you write out your purpose statement for the year while identifying goals and milestones.

Planning is not about staying busy, it is about accomplishing your targets! With your perpetual planner you will spend less than 10 minutes planning your day. In addition to setting your appointments and defining priorities for the day, you have the space to do a review.

Staying focused is a high performance habit. And it takes support and a plan to stay on track in this accelerated world. The planner is set up with 52 weeks laid out with 5 days per week. Every week you will identify your goals and priorities as well as set up appointments. This planner becomes your record for what worked, what did not and what is next. 

In the 52 Week Perpetual Planner

You will have a system to organize your thoughts and activities so you can plan and prioritize, getting more of the right things done.  

Finally, get the work life balance you want by living on purpose, with a plan.

What is Inside the 52 Week Planner

The planner is set up with 52 weeks, in a 2 page layout. Each week has a section for the following:

Dr. Cynthia Howard

Founder Work Smart Club |  LSSBB Executive Coach |  Performance Consultant

Cynthia has worked with scores of leaders and understands the challenges of leading and living in the digital age. She has coached thousands of leaders, helping them breakthrough their ceilings and barriers. A nurse, psychologist and black belt in lean six sigma, Cynthia combines her laser focus, work ethic and the power of faith for genius problem solving.

Cynthia works with individuals and organizations who want to make a difference in the world around them. 

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