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Our Conflict Management Training Equips You With a Set of Skills That You Can Use to Tackle Workplace Conflicts.

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Different businesses have different teams and working arrangements. In today’s world, we have seen an increasing number of teams work remotely from home across a range of functions. That means conflict management styles do vary from business to business and department to department.

However, when it comes to conflict management strategies and skills, many of them are universal. Our conflict management strategies provide you with best practices, important styles, behaviors, and skills to not only resolve a conflict but to also manage it and leverage it.

Take the conflict assessment and training and learn to leverage conflict for better performance! 

Effective Conflict Management StrategiesEquip You with a Set of SkillsTo Tackle Workplace Conflict.

Managing Conflict Is More Than a Resolution

All of the workgroups and teams we train are different but all of them can boost performance using our training. Our lean sigma focus on performance is applied to set up the structure for optimal communication and results. 

You’ll notice we use the words conflict management strategies rather than conflict resolution. That’s because there’s a difference. Conflict is alive in your business and if you ignore it, it’s going to damage your business, team, and the bottom line.

Ignoring Conflict

Unfortunately, because so many businesses view conflict in a negative light, many of them try to ignore it hoping it will go away. Conflict doesn’t go away, but hard-working employees who don’t feel seen or heard absolutely do!

They go to companies that respond to conflict proactively with a powerful tool kit and leverage it to improve business.

So, let’s talk about how to become a business that uses conflict advantageously instead of trying to bury our heads in the sand to repress it.

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  • Assessment used worldwide, measuring 5 different modes of handling conflict. (Value $199)
  • 10 page report outlining your preferences for handling conflict.
  • 26 page course workbook. (Value $39)
  • 8 module course going into detail on each mode of managing conflict. (Value $147)
  • Bonus: (Hard to put a price on confidence!)
  • Private Network: Virtual coaching, Q & A and support. (priceless)
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Once you purchase, you will be directed to the course. You will receive an email with your link to take the online assessment. Your results will arrive via email shortly after you take the assessment. It can take up to 24 hours. Most people receive it much sooner.
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Resolving Conflict

At first, you might think you want to resolve conflict and in some cases, a quick, effective resolution to a problem does work best. If for example, conflict is arising because your team has outdated desktop computers that they can’t take home despite needing to work evenings and weekends. Buying new computer hardware is a swift resolution. However, not all conflicts require or should optimally even have a fast resolution. 

Sometimes managing a conflict means strategy, communications, implementation, and reporting. If we know we will always have conflict in our businesses and recognize it’s a natural part of a company’s infrastructure, we can put in place some standard processes for dealing with it, right? 

So, let’s stop asking how to resolve conflict, and let’s leverage it instead.

Conflict Management Training Tampa Fl

Managing Conflict

We look beyond the typical views of workplace conflict. Usually, organizations see conflict as a negative force that needs to be eliminated. So, therefore they react by adding stricter rules and requiring everyone to do the same or act the same. Yet, it’s through conflict that ideas are developed and creativity flows. 

Any business will get more collaboration and achieve more productivity if people begin to understand how to use and leverage conflict for better performance. That means creating an environment where people can have an open exchange of ideas and feel safe in doing that.


Battle Ambiguity

Conflict comes from a lot of places but one of the biggest sources of conflict is ambiguity. We can help you set up guidelines on how to resolve differences within a team, rather than try to keep those differences repressed. You will soon see your teams begin to use all the tools at their disposal to share ideas.

Promoting a positive way of communicating is essential too. Leaders often need to learn how to shift from telling workers: don’t do this, or don’t do that, to encouraging the behaviors you want to see. Instilling values brings people together based on their shared purpose. This makes a difference in how people communicate; they say: Could we try this instead? How about that instead? 


what Others Are Saying About the Training...

Caroline V.
Caroline V.Nurse Manager
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It was helpful to learn more about my resilience. The assessment was very informative and the course took me through various scenarios so I could learn how to develop my skills.
Kristine Braughler
Kristine Braughler MBA, Regional Sales
Read More
At some point in my job, I hit a wall. I did not like feeling so sluggish. I took this assessment and course and learned how to build on skills to get out from under that pressure. I enjoyed this process and learning about myself.

Understanding Conflict Management

Conflict management is not mysterious or only possible for “certain personality types.” It’s something which major corporations like Google and Netflix excel at because they recognize that conflict will exist. Conflict is part of work and the ebb and flow of a creative business. It is essential to manage this flow to maintain the many benefits of an agile and healthy workplace. 

Here are three simple steps to establish ground rules and help your team to manage conflict:

Review the Team’s Mission

We’re all human and from time-to-time, we can get caught up in our own personal agendas, business targets, siloed goals, and other ‘small picture’ problems. Make sure your whole team understands the ‘big picture’  and what their areas of focus and missions are. When they have clear common goals, not just personal quests and functional biases, they can work together more smoothly.

Clarify Purpose

A goal-oriented individual always wants to know what it’s their responsibility to contribute. Be sure to tell them where their responsibilities start and end and what their purpose is as individuals and teams.

Define the Climate or Environment (and Terms of Engagement)

People want to know how they are allowed to work. Tell them when and where to work. Explain what would be optimal for the business. Equip teams with knowledge and relevant flexibility and scope so they can do their work in the right place, at the right time, and in the right mindset. Some companies demand working from the office. If not, is home okay? A cafe? What about the park? Why or why not? 


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Camille B.Scrum Master
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The Conflict course was so helpful for my team. We now have different styles we can use to improve the way we handle disagreements.
Kathi SerrieRN, MSN
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Take the course! I learned how to stop myself from over-reacting.
Marcia D.Director of Specialty Operations
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I used to ignore conflict because I did not want to deal with it. It ended up ruining my team. No one was talking. This course was easy to understand and it was helpful seeing my preferred style.

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