Forget the resolution. Set big expectations for 2022.

Forget the resouktion. Set big expectations in 2022
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Do you expect things to turn out well or do you spend time thinking about everything that could go wrong? It can be said that successful people obsess about being successful while planning for challenges, while not so successful people obsess about failing while planning for moments of success.

The purpose of this article is to help you reset your thoughts, so you make “expecting success” a new habit. One reason New Year Resolutions are so popular is they help you to set an expectation for the upcoming year. Unfortunately, resolutions are not usually kept; people do not follow through on them, hence they do not reach deep enough in one’s thought processes to change one’s expectations.

What I have read about expectations is confusing because very often the suggestion is to keep expectations low, so that you do not disappoint people or overwhelm your workload. The articles that talk about keeping expectations “realistic” is code for not overextending oneself. This is the opposite of how expectations work.

With this low bar, why would anyone exert themselves to achieve success? Therefore, new initiatives fail, and people lose interest in the “resolution.” When the expectation is not big enough, deep down there is a feeling that it is not possible to achieve that goal.  

I encourage you to go into this new year with a bold expectation. At the same time expect to work hard and to be challenged while holding firmly to your expectation of what you see happening. 


Examine your mindset


 What you “expect” to see is what you will get.

 This is speaking to the power of mindset and attitude. Think about your personal goals, especially those where you have gone around and round the same mountain, struggling to reach that goal. Perhaps it is achieving a certain financial goal, getting a promotion, starting a business, meeting the right people, finding the ideal home and community; whatever it is, did you expect success, or did you worry about how hard it would be to achieve your objective?

This article is more than a pep talk, it is an explanation of how we are hardwired. Researchers have found that our brain does continue to learn as we age, but when thoughts ruminate and  stay the same, and you think habitually negative thoughts, the brain defaults to this negativity. Our brain conserves energy and simply takes the path of least resistance. We have to control our thoughts and emotions. The opposite is also true, think in an optimistic way and this becomes your default mode.


Set expectations of success


When you adopt an expectation of success you are more likely:

  • To act
  • To achieve your goal
  • To surround yourself with others who act
  • Build synergy and increase momentum

 As you inspire others with bold and big expectations, you will unleash the potential, strengths and talents in those around you increasing everyone’s motivation!

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People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

Zig Ziglar

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