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We hold our virtual events in the Work Smart Club Network. As a member you have access to the recordings, pdf’s, guides and other resources, along with the opportunity to ask questions. Network membership gives you access to all the events we have held in the past; we have training on topics every leader needs including resilience, planning and prioritization, well-being, setting goals, managing teams, emotional intelligence, managing conflict and so much more!

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Why Getting Organized is So Hard (Challenging the Stuck Mindset)

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Many people talk about getting organized but put off doing anything about it. In this webinar, Dr. Cynthia Howard will share 5 mindset challenges to getting organized and what to do about them. In this webinar you will learn how to get started and then steps to take to stay organized.

Simplify. (One of the Hardest Things to Do)

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The hardest thing to do is to simplify. We live in the digital age where distraction is normal, focus is rare and layers of unfinished business keeps stacking up creating more work and overwhelm just to organize it. Complexity is usually baked into most organizations and can be a by product of problem solving. The …

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7 Day Challenge

In this event Dr. Cynthia Howard presents a 7 day challenge. Every day you will have a unique activity that will help you develop power habits to getting organized. Join …

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Review of the 7 Day Challenge (and more on single tasking)

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In this webinar, Dr. Cynthia Howard will review the difficulty people had in the 7 day challenge. She will discuss more about single tasking and how to make this work in your life.