EP 35: 4 Tips to Make a Difference and Have a Positive Impact as a Leader

EP 35: 4 Tips to Make a Difference and Have a Positive Impact as a Leader

Everyone wants to make a difference, but how do you actually see your dream become a reality?

It all begins with defining the difference you want to make: spell it out so clearly that the people around you can feel it happening. Not sure how to get there? Luckily, Cynthia Howard has questions and advice to help you create your vision and avoid being stuck in the grind of making more money.

Cynthia discusses how to cultivate ownership, raise the standards, and ensure a culture of excellence, all while explaining how to avoid falling into the trap of complacency. Plus, she explores three important relationships you need to focus on, prioritize, and intentionally build.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Four tips to make a difference and positive impact.
  • How to avoid forgetting the difference you want to make.
  • Questions to help you define the difference you want to make.
  • How to create your vision.
  • The importance of accountability to build a culture of excellence.
  • How to manage mistakes and make intuitive decisions.
  • Three critical relationships to build on.
  • Why you need to prioritize consistency.
  • How to successfully create a network.
  • Why making an effort is never wasted energy.

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