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Though today’s business world has more technology and remote working opportunities than ever, face-to-face relations still reign supreme. The modern team-oriented and fast-paced work environment can’t function optimally without strong business relationships built on empathy and understanding. Without Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies, peak efficiency and competitive results cannot be achieved. 

Emotional intelligence is the enduring heart of effective workplace performance and productivity. Though EI was once an elusive and mysterious concept, emotional intelligence training can demystify EI and break it down into an integrated set of skills. With the emotional intelligence skills you gain from our executive coaching service, you will be able to facilitate a highly effective, agile, and resilient organization.

Emotional Intelligence training with Work Smart Consulting focuses on the practical and immediate application of EI concepts, so you spend less time learning and more time doing. With active and earnest participation, you will learn and implement the EI skills that help you develop self-awareness, build healthy connections, manage stress, facilitate conflict and collaboration. EI is the antidote to unchecked stress and pressure so you exude an aura of resilience and optimism.

Emotional intelligence is an individual's ability to identify, regulate, and aptly respond to their own emotions and the emotions of others.

What Is Emotional Intelligence? 

Emotional intelligence is an individual’s ability to identify, regulate, and aptly respond to their own emotions and the emotions of others. As an umbrella term, we now consider emotional intelligence to include these skills: 

  • The ability to identify and name one’s own emotions (also known as emotional awareness) 
  • The ability to retarget those emotions and apply them to critical thinking tasks like problem-solving
  • The ability to control emotions – this includes regulating your own emotions and restraining poor emotional responses when necessary while helping others to do the same

High emotional intelligence (EI) is a defining factor in that person’s ability to lead or cooperate in the workplace. 

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The Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership  

If you are both highly conscious of your own emotional states, even the negative ones—frustration, sadness, or anger—and are able to identify and manage them accordingly, you have the foundation of emotional intelligence.

Emotionally intelligent people are also in touch with the emotions that others experience. This sensitivity to emotional signals from your own mind and from your outside environment makes you a better leader, decision maker, friend, parent, and romantic partner. 

If you feel your emotional intelligence is lacking in any aspect, don’t worry – with the right emotional intelligence training, these skills can be developed. 

Do you want to develop your leadership teams EI? Schedule a complimentary session and let’s discuss your goals and options. This training will improve your problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, confidence, and communication skills!.  

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Utilizing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 

Interest in the concept and value of emotional intelligence caught fire when researcher Goleman (1995) demonstrated EI improved performance work. In fact, it was the single biggest determination that predicted successful leadership.

The presence, or lack of emotional intelligence, is a critical factor for projecting one’s success in life. The truth is the competencies with the skillset of EI are  essential in the workplace. This is true today in this Digital Age, with frequent disruption and demands. 

Twenty-five years later, the research into EI’s effectiveness is still true.  Emotional intelligence is now a highly-coveted workplace skill. According to a survey of hiring managers conducted by CareerBuilder, 75 percent of hiring managers place an employee’s EI as a top factor in the hiring decision.   

People with highly developed emotional intelligence: 

  • Make better decisions 
  • Solve problems effectively and efficiently 
  • Resolve conflicts 
  • Remain calm under pressure
  • Absorb, reflect, and respond to constructive criticism

People with weakened emotional intelligence: 

  • Do not take responsibility for their errors
  • Play the role of the victim 
  • Have passive-aggressive or hostile communication skills 
  • Dismiss criticism directed towards them 
  • Are overly critical of others 

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what Others Are Saying About the Training...

Helping leaders unlock their potential and inspire their team members is our passion. Here are some of our favorite emotional intelligence and leadership success stories: 

Caroline V.
Caroline V.Nurse Manager
Read More
It was helpful to learn more about my resilience. The assessment was very informative and the course took me through various scenarios so I could learn how to develop my skills.
Kristine Braughler
Kristine Braughler MBA, Regional Sales
Read More
At some point in my job, I hit a wall. I did not like feeling so sluggish. I took this assessment and course and learned how to build on skills to get out from under that pressure. I enjoyed this process and learning about myself.

What Will I Learn InEmotional Intelligence Training?

People who are executives or occupy any other leadership role who wish to boost their personal effectiveness and cultivate a team environment that inspires excellence and engagement will benefit from this program. 

Among a range of organizational and interpersonal benefits, you will learn

1. How to boost your self-awareness and assess how you positively and negatively impact your companies performance.

2. How your emotions positively and negatively influence your motivation, behavior, employee engagement, and performance goals.

3. How to use these principles to give team members the resources to perform optimally and exceed expectations. 

4. How to make high-quality decisions under pressure.

5. How to successfully undertake those difficult conversations to address a performance issue or unacceptable behavior. 

6. How to create an optimal Emotional Climate in your workplace to boost both engagement and results. 

7. Why being ‘technically competent’ is no longer a good enough benchmark for what makes an exceptional leader. 

8. How to communicate so your team members want to listen to you. 

9. How to remove barriers, boost collaboration and accelerate turnaround on projects and increase profitability. 

Agile & Effective Leaders: Emotional Intelligence Training

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Camille B.Scrum Master
Read More
The Conflict course was so helpful for my team. We now have different styles we can use to improve the way we handle disagreements.
Kathi SerrieRN, MSN
Read More
Take the course! I learned how to stop myself from over-reacting.
Marcia D.Director of Specialty Operations
Read More
I used to ignore conflict because I did not want to deal with it. It ended up ruining my team. No one was talking. This course was easy to understand and it was helpful seeing my preferred style.

Dr. Cynthia Howard | Emotional Intelligence Expert 

Dr. Cynthia Howard has worked with top-performing leaders, professionals, and business owners from all over the country. With an open mind, laser focus and expertise of two decades, Cynthia recognizes each leader is filled with purpose and potential, and it is her job to unlock that potential. 


To unlock the potential in leaders through focused and intentional effort. 

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