[Webinar] Coping in a Crisis

Coping in a Crisis

We are in unprecedented times. Life has been disrupted on all levels for everyone. The fear, anxiety, anger and isolation can be overwhelming.

In this COMPLIMENTARY webinar, I want to open the conversation about how you are dealing with it and offer strategies you can use – in the moment – to reboot the anxiety, fear and anger.

Whether it is the Corona-virus or another event that comes along and disrupts your routine, you will learn techniques that will help to build your resilience and buffer you from the stress reaction.

  • Why managing your fear, anxiety and anger is ESSENTIAL to prevent health issues later
  • Learn breathing techniques used by Navy Seals to refocus
  • Learn strategies you can use in minutes to reset your emotions
  • Identify what you can control and what to do when you feel like you are losing it
  • What to do when other people’s anxiety or fear is getting to you

Coping in a Crisis Handout

Be sure to download the instructions for the techniques discussed in the webinar.

Download Coping in a Crisis

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Dr. Cynthia Howard has worked with thousands of leaders, professionals and business owners and recognized the unique challenges leaders have in managing, inspiring, and engaging their teams while maintaining their boundaries, passion and reason they chose to lead.

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