Are You Managing Conflict (or ignoring it)?

Watch this 12.47 minute video packed with tips on managing conflict. Dr. Howard provides tips and a report card to see how well you are managing conflict.


TKI Conflict Assessment

This is a great tool to use with teams and discuss the 5 styles of conflict and when to use them. This assessment and training builds on healthy behaviors in a work group. 

We have an online program in the Work Smart Club on this tool.

Conflict Dynamic Profile

This assessment looks at your conflict behaviors vs. styles. It is very helpful in the coaching relationship to evaluate your hot buttons and typical reactions during conflict. This builds self awareness and skills in managing conflict.

We have this assessment and training in the online center, Work Smart Club.


Training your teams and leaders to manage conflict will boost your performance. Since every work group is different with unique demands and challenges, we customize our training and development.

We include assessments in the training teaching both style and behaviors of conflict to ensure people have the tools they need as well as understanding.

Because we have a lean sigma focus on performance, we use these tools to set up the structure for optimal communication and performance.


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