Coaching Clinic: Challenges

Below are examples of challenges we have facilitated for our clients. Names and circumstances are changed for anonymity.

In each post we provide the background for each challenge along with strategies to get through it. 

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Challenge: Dealing with Burnout in Staff When You Are Burned Out

CHALLENGE The VP was in a very competitive season with the new department opening and had been in a struggle with the CEO. The pressure …

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Challenge: When Being Friends Disrupts Your Influence

CHALLENGE: This director was having trouble managing expectations of her friend who was in her department and her role as director. She was having internal …

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Challenge: Director. New position Risks Overload.

CHALLENGE The Director was new to the role and the department was in chaos. BACKGROUND The Director was new to the position and while educated …

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Challenge: Handling Negative Feedback

Challenge The manager (who we will call Jesse) was new and very eager to do a good job. She made the effort and everyone could …

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Challenge: Coaching Staff as a Manager

Challenge: The department head for the section of the company Jon (not his real name) works in, just declared that all managers have to start …

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Challenge: Dealing with Negativity in a Key Staff Member

Challenge One of the key staff members in this department was negative and critical. This manager, we will call Marci, decided she needed to change …

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Challenge: Going for that Promotion.

Challenge: Wants to go for the promotion but feels uncertain and hesitant to step out of her comfort zone. Background Kerrie (not her real name) …

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