Coaching Clinic: Challenges

We wanted to provide examples of the challenges our clients have faced and gotten beyond. All names and circumstances are changed for anonymity.

There is a little teaching in each example. If you want to have live coaching to deal with your specific challenge, click to learn more about our exclusive network, for leaders just like you! 

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Challenge: Coaching Staff as a Manager

Challenge: The department head for the section of the company Jon (not his real name) works in, just declared that all managers have to start …

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Challenge: Dealing with Negativity in a Key Staff Member

Challenge: One of the key staff members in this department was negative and critical. This manager, we will call Marci, decided she needed to change …

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Challenge: Going for that Promotion.

Challenge: Wants to go for the promotion but feels uncertain and hesitant to step out of her comfort zone. Background Kerrie (not her real name) …

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