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Case Study: Trickle Down Performance Problem

CHALLENGE Trickle down performance problem starting at the top, VP, Director, Manager, Front line staff. Consistent low performance in the department as noted by the …

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Case Study: No Pipeline. Turnover. Poor Quality.

CHALLENGE “I am afraid to find out what my emotional intelligence is.” Unaware of his impact on faculty and department heads, there was communication breakdown …

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Case Study: CNO First 100 Days

Challenge  Organization in transition. Conflict and confusion within departments. Need for decisiveness. Worried about stepping on people’s toes. Solution Assessments, Executive coachingEQi 2.0: Emotional Intelligence …

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Case Study: Priorities and Planning

Challenge Trouble setting priorities and planning across multiple outpatient clinics. Each of her managers had their own system.  Solution 100 Day roadmap, standardized management  As …

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Case Study: Employee Turnover

Challenge: Turnover. Employee turnover increased to 28%, up from 18%. This churn created many problems including quality of care issues, decrease in billable hours and a …

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Case Study: Simplify Work

Challenge: A team in a medium sized business was tasked with implementing a new sales approach to stop the customer turnover. In order to have …

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Case Study: How a Manager Created a Culture of Gratitude

Case Study: New manager (who we will call Zak) developed a powerful way to connect his staff using gratitude. Background: This manager recognized signs of …

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