Congratulations! Life is Good

Based on your results, your life seems balanced and without stressful events. This is good news. In the event you want to have additional resources to make sure your life stays this way, keep reading.

Download our e-book, Life is Good, helpful tips to keep that work-life balance.

Now is the time to learn strategies to manage stress... when you do not need them!

We have heard the phrase Work Smart

But most people think it means to be more efficient. It is more than that and we want to teach you everything we know about it! We wrote the book on ‘working smart.’ The truth is stress and burnout do not happen from hard work alone. It is hard work without meaning or purpose.

We celebrate your work life balance and want you to continue to THRIVE! Read through the e-book we have provided, it provides tips and talks about the risk of “Rust Out,” which can come from boredom or not stretching yourself.

And we invite you continue the conversation in our exclusive network… we have live discussions about work-life balance, burnout, being happy and soooo much more. Join below – it is FREE for you to join and participate! Join us in the Work Smart Network and let’s continue this conversation… we have live events planned on this topic – just for you!

Plus as a BONUS you can download the other 2 e-books that go with this quiz!

Let's continue the conversation!

The Work Smart Club & Network was founded by Executive Coach and Performance Consultant, Dr. Cynthia Howard, to provide inspiration AND information to people who want MORE from their life and their career. It is not enough to speed up to catch up. We provide the tools to thrive.

The Work Smart Club & Network has premium resources and amazing content. But what makes it special is YOU. Our members are why we are here and we want to build a community around a conversation about HOW to live your BEST life at work and at home.

Dr. Cynthia Howard has put her decades of expertise in the courses so you grow in your leadership experience. She also knows that you can’t stop learning and joins everyone on the road to managing change, dealing with the overload and learning to thrive despite the many challenges. 

what Others Are Saying About the Network...

Caroline V.
Caroline V.Nurse Manager
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It is so helpful to be a part of group and get my questions answered. I have access to so much information and the live events are perfect!
Jennifer M.
Jennifer M.MBA, Regional Sales
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At some point in my job, I hit a wall. I knew I was capable of so much more. The Network is a great place to learn new skills.

Founder of the Club
Executive Coach
Performance Consultant

Cynthia Howard RN, PhD, LSSBB

I have worked with thousands of leaders and professionals who want to move ahead, find a better way to lead and still have time left over for themselves. And I want to work with you! As an executive coach and performance expert I have seen what happens when leaders do not have the skills they need; they can burnout, underperform, or give up all together. Either way it is a tragedy and great loss of potential and purpose. I have a system and proven solution that will help you grow, develop, and find your own sweet spot of balance so you can enjoy more of your life.  

Our Mission

We are a performance coaching company that unlocks potential in the workplace through innovative leadership & performance measures, creating a culture of excellence.


  • Pioneer of the resilient mindset
  • FAIS: Fellow, American Institute of Stress (AIS)
  • Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma
  • Certified Trainer Institute of Heartmath
  • Developed the Resilience Pyramid
  • Founder Work Smart Club
  • Author, The Work Smart Principle, Everyday Emotional Intelligence

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