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Below are articles on productivity. Too often people are busy doing the wrong thing or the wrong way and time and energy is wasted.  

Being productive means you know what to do and why you are doing it! 

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[Video] Transform Your Todo’s into a Power List of Priorities

Do you have priorities?  We all have some type of to-do list. I worked with one manager not too long ago, and she had 20 …

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How to Leverage Your Values in the Workplace

Values in the workplace. Is there even a place for them? After all, isn’t one of the keys to effective management to be open-minded and …

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How to Leverage Your Weaknesses in the Workplace

Weaknesses are a part of life. We all have them. Contrary to popular belief, weaknesses are not the same as areas you want to develop—at …

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How to Leverage Your Relationships in the Workplace

Loneliness in leadership is all too common. According to a recent survey by Harvard Business Review, more than 50% of leaders feel lonely in their …

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How to Leverage Your Personality in the Workplace

Your personality is one of your most valuable assets—especially in leadership. Yes, you read that statement correctly. Often, leaders try to hide their personalities. This usually occurs …

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4 Easy Rules To Writing Your Vision Statement

Having a vision statement is what guides you (and your company or team) into the future. It is the pull factor that inspires and motivates …

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7 Ways to Organize Time and Energy

7 Ways to Organize Your Time and Energy

The following tips are proven strategies that when applied will expand your capacity and help you organize your time and energy. We are presenting these …

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