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How To Leave Your Disappointments In 2021.

Disappointment is that emotion we feel when expectations are not met.  Similar words for disappointment include disillusion, dismay, frustration, letdown, and displeasure.  Disappointments are caused …

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7 Reasons You Must Have a Vision Statement

This is the time of year to set up your plan for the coming 12 months. In a world that is filled with distractions, it …

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4 Easy Rules To Writing Your Vision Statement.

Having a vision statement is what guides you (and your company or team) into the future. It is the pull factor that inspires and motivates …

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Forget the resouktion. Set big expectations in 2022

Forget the resolution. Set big expectations for 2022.

Do you expect things to turn out well or do you spend time thinking about everything that could go wrong? It can be said that …

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2021 in Review

This time of year is often a down time for many businesses with people taking personal time to be with family. This slow down in …

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