5 Tips for Self-Awareness

5 Tips for Self Awareness
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Self-awareness is an intentional practice of examining one’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors. Unfortunately, this practice does not come naturally to most humans. This short blog offers you five ways to build your self-awareness through reflection. 

  1. Practice mindfulness. This is the act of tuning into the moment and blocking out any intrusive thoughts and focus on the present. A moment is 3 seconds. To be present in the moment, breathe slowly and deeply, exhaling any frustration and simply observe. What do you notice?
  2. Daily Review. Take five minutes at the end of the day and answer three questions, What worked? What did not? What is next?
  3. Go deep. Ask yourself the famous questions, “What would you do if you could not fail?” Spend 5 minutes and think about it, write out what comes up, no editing, simply write it out. 
  4. Name and tame it. Develop a larger vocabulary for your emotions. Research shows when you can name your emotions, you gain control over them.
  5. Ask a trusted friend to describe you. Ask for 5 adjectives. Does it match your view of you? Resist rebutting their description and in a mindful way take it in and see if you can see yourself through their eyes.

In addition to the above it is very revealing to take assessments like the Meyers Briggs, Strengths Profile, or the emotional intelligence assessment. The more you become aware of your strengths, your uniqueness along with those areas that need growth, the more intentional your life becomes.

Spend a part of every day and examine your thinking and your interactions, be objective. This habit of reflection and review will help you improve your communication, how you show up and your overall attitude. This type of personal development activity will bolster your self-confidence. This five minute activity builds a foundation of achievement and fulfillment.  If you want to do deeper with your personal and professional development, check out our leadership training options.

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5 Tips for Self-Awareness

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