5 Challenges Leaders Face

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Being a leader is both rewarding and challenging. To be effective and lead with impact, you have to learn from your experiences and grow. Below you will find the top 5 challenges leaders face including new and seasoned managers. Read through the challenges and then to the suggestions to that will move you through the challenges to a higher level of influence.

Top 5 Challenges All Leaders Face

  1. Being Effective

Being a technical expert does not translate to being effective. The skills leaders need to be more effective include managing your time, prioritization, strategic thinking, decision-making, and executing.

  1. Empowering Your People

This is essential and includes inspiring people to go above and beyond and working smarter.

  1. Managing Relationships & Expectation

The challenge of managing relationships & expectations can feel like a full-time job. The skills you need are managing up, getting support from your boss, getting buy-in laterally from other departments and dealing with politics.

  1. Leading a Team

Teams are the engine of progress in the workplace. Skills you need to manage teams include how to manage workflow, develop a common goal, communicate clearly, and keep communication flowing, deal with conflict and manage transition.

  1. Facilitating Change

Change is constant and the pace has accelerated. Leaders need to understand how to be flexible and adaptable (agile) in their approach to their work. Skills with facilitating change include knowing how to mitigate consequences, overcome resistance and deal with employees’ reactions to change.

Do you feel better knowing these challenges are experienced at all levels of leadership, in new and seasoned leaders? Being in charge is not a one and done job. It requires you continue to learn and grow. This includes learning new skills as well as developing your people skills.

5 Tips to Move Beyond the Challenges

Read through these tips. Make a mental note of how well you do in these areas.

  1. Set goals

This is the foundation of being effective. Yet, 94% of people do not achieve their goals! Less than 3% have goals that are written down.

  1. Operate from timelines & deadlines

Having a timeline and deadline creates the urgency needed to get things done and gives you a roadmap so you know what is required and when it is due. When you have a timeline and use deadlines, everyone has the same playbook.

  1. Delegate

This is a critical step to build your influence and effectiveness. Not only will you have more time when you delegate, but you empower your people and teach them to take on additional responsibility. This gives you breathing room to think and act more strategically.

  1. Identify your unique value

Do you know what your unique value contributions are? What strengths and gifts make your leadership special? Developing your personal brand is a powerful way to energize your influence.

  1. Be clear on your role & expectations

It is not uncommon for leaders to lose sight of their most important responsibilities. As demands accelerate and information floods our path, it can be an overwhelming process to stay focused. This tip means you know how to say no, you have a plan and are able to communicate clearly on work flow including the backlog of work.

These tips are foundational to support your effectiveness as a leader at every stage of your career. It is helpful to know that if you use these 5 tips as a roadmap you will develop key competencies and a powerful leadership brand.

If you are in training and development, knowing these challenges can provide an outline for developmental initiatives that will transform your leaders. When your training and development align with real challenges that leaders face, you increase engagement. If you would like more help with a development agenda that is relevant and transformative, schedule a complementary strategy call.

Leaders with experience as well as those new to management will benefit from training designed around these 5 developmental areas: effectiveness, empowering people, leading a team, facilitating change and managing relationships and expectations.

Do You Want to Build a Powerful Leadership Brand?

It is our mission to develop strong leaders and provide organizations with a leadership pipeline. Using our proven approach, we can help you and your organization overcome these leadership challenges. We will customize a leadership development solution that unlocks the potential in your leadership while building on the critical leadership skills needed to achieve your strategic objectives.  

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