3 Questions to Get Ready for 2021

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We are in a new year and a new era. The end of year reflection is always a great practice to prepare for the new year. Check out the 9 minute video on 3 steps to get ready for 2021.

We experienced a year in 2020 that most of us had never experienced, in terms of disruption and change. Reflection is how adults learn, so take 15 minutes to think about, and answer the 3 questions in the video. Your time is an investment into your future that will serve you well. Make a reflection a new habit for 2021.

Enjoy the process. I am excited to see what came up for you.

Join me Wednesdays, 12 N, for the Impact Zone. This is 5-8 minutes of coaching tips to help you breakthrough barriers to your leadership impact.

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Dr. Cynthia Howard

Executive Coach  Performance Consultant  LSSBB

It takes resilience and agility to stay focused in these disruptive times. We want to help you get ahead of the challenges in this digital age with short practical tips. Go forward. Be your best

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