10 Ways To Be A Better Leader

10 Ways To Be A Better Leader
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Transformational leaders inspire their teams to perform their best.  Below are 10 ways to be a better leader.  

1. Care about yourself and the world around you.

Did you know that caring helps you AVOID burnout? Most people think caring causes burnout.

2. Start a gratitude journal.

Gratitude changes your brain. During stress, a switch goes off in your brain limiting your perspective. Gratitude turns it back on. Begin a daily gratitude practice.

3. Set inspiring goals.

The higher your goals, the more compelling. Set BIG goals.

4. Eat healthy food.

Food is fuel. Our body gets all the raw ingredients for hormones and energy from food. Eat healthy and you will have the energy you need.

5. Drink more water.

Water is a natural energizer. Coffee, cola, wine, beer, alcohol and tea all deplete water from the body. Drink more water.

6. Walk around the department.

In lean sigma, this is called “Go to Gemba.” This is important because unless you observe what and how work is being done, you do not really have all the information you need to make good decisions. And your team sees you engaged, making this feel appreciated.

7. Read 20 minutes a day.

We live in the Age of Distraction and this has changed our brains; limiting the ability to focus. Make a habit of reading for 20 minutes of completely uninterrupted time, daily, and you will build your focus muscle.

8. Learn something new everyday.

Group think, status quo and complacency can quickly set in unless you stretch yourself. Learn and do something new.

9. Love yourself and somebody special.

Love does make the world go round.

10. Create something with your mind and hands.

In the day of long “to-do” lists, you can lose touch with the playful and creative side of you. Play, create.

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10 Ways To Be A Better Leader

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Dr. Cynthia Howard

Executive Coach  Performance Consultant  LSSBB

It takes resilience and agility to stay focused in these disruptive times. We want to help you get ahead of the challenges in this digital age with short practical tips. Go forward. Be your best

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